If Racism is Rampant, Why the Need For a Hoax?

Student Claims He Found Racist Notes On His Car. Police Say He Wrote Them.


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  1. Racism is rampant! It’s just not the right skin colors, so they aren’t calling it racism. It’s called “equity” now.

    David Horowitz apologized to his audience at a conference in ’19, saying that conservatives are too polite and need to take a page out of his past as a radical commie liberal; to get in their faces and call things as they are. He said the Democrats and their party are vindictive bigots.

    Blacks across the country are playing “Polar Bear Hunting” (The Knockout Game redux), and threatening violence to whites (and conservative blacks).

  2. Another hoax for ole Dave Blount’s
    hate hoax list.Twaney Brawley is one
    of the first on the list.The maggot known
    as Sharpton owns that HOAX.

  3. The race war will not reach me soon, in my secluded location. But it will reach me.

    And I will be ready.

  4. But Fur’s point needs expanded upon.
    Imagineered racism is rampant and is created by the supposed victims and expedited into the hands of media coconspirators to be rushed into the headlines with lots of !!!!!white racism!!!!

    The retractions, if they ever occur at all, are buried on page 21.

    How many racial hoaxes are we forced to endure before we call BULLSHIT.
    There is no racism in this country. There is no systemic predjudice by police. You motherfuckers are making all this shit up.

    I coexist happily and with ease with my law abiding brethren of all races as do they with me. We are serious people who do good work, in our jobs as coworkers, in our churches as fellow congregants. We volunteer together. We live happily together.

    These monsters that have recently arrived on the scene to inject discord and hatred amongst our happy community????

    Kindly fuck off.

    You are strangers and we will not accept you in our american freedom loving community.

    Your George Soros plan doesn’t work here. Go back to hungary and recommence loading your fellow Jews onto the boxcars. I don’t mean that but that’s what this democrat mastermind and financier, invisible and unknown to many, did. He is Satan.


  5. “How many racial hoaxes are we forced to endure before we call BULLSHIT.”

    been calling all this ‘BULLSHIT’ since Day One … when are the rest of us going to catch a clue? the sooner, the better. but, I have little hope that enough of us will rise up to unshackle our chains.

  6. “If Racism is Rampant, Why the Need For a Hoax?”

    because real racism is perpetrated by the democrats subliminally and not overtly by the right wing the demonize for it !!!!

  7. AA I agree 100%!


    If you want your grandkids to have the freedom all Americans had 70 years ago we mis stop being cowards “polite” and fight.

    I believed this 60 years ago, why I spent hours in detention. I still believe. Little has changed; other than maybe more are aware of the violent left’s control of so much.


    Can I disable “spell check”! It seems to wrongly chang 3% of my words. I am admittedly a bad speller. but the”new” words are not related to mine; sometimes

  8. Will this hoaxer be prosecuted like the woman in Central Park who called the cops on the black bird watcher?

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