If Romney Bombed a Hospital in Afghanistan

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If Romney were president, MSNBC would be holding mock war crimes tribunals on Chris Hayes, explaining the ins and outs of the process with expert guests. Lena Dunham would be on Maddow every night aghast (but still giggling!) at this warmonger-in-chief. Chris Matthews would be yelling at Michael Moore, trying to find out when charges would be filed at the Hague.



Where have all the delicate flowers gone? Long time passing….



If Romney were president, Democrats in Congress would be calling for hearings and investigations for each transgression: the bombing, troop levels, and drone policy. Chuck Schumer would hold daily press briefings scolding the reckless president from behind the glasses perched precariously down his nose. Someone would accurately quote Sheila Jackson-Lee condemning the terrible bombing of the “orphanage in Pakistan”.

But Mitt Romney isn’t president, Barack Obama is, so no one cares. When the One, the Nobel Peace Prize Winner, the Lightbringer, the Calmer of Seas, the History-maker, the Healer of Wounds, He Who Will Make Us Respected Again bombs a hospital, extends a war he said he already ended (Promise Fulfilled!™), and uses flying death robots to kill[REDACTED]s of bystanders and labels them “enemies” anyway, we assume it’s a bug, not a feature, and we excuse it. Shame on us.


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  1. Excellent read, as long as one realized it is speculative fiction, good points and all. Instead we get Kevin McCarthy running for Speaker and torpedoing the Benghazi investigation by showing what an incredible dumbass he is. That is far more relevant than speculating about what Mitt might be facing.

    The rest of the current so-called Republican “leadership” couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn in the butt with a bass fiddle. That is also more relevant.

    The people this author is looking for are the ones who are sending Bernie Sanders more money than the top four Republicans combined, in donations of $200 or less. The people who are always out bitching the loudest about Republicans are out supporting an old communist loudmouth, Donald Trump, and anyone other than Yeb or the Hildebeest.

    The Democrats are made up of a large group of small groups of people with specific agendas, all of whom are united in opposing Republicans, Capitalism, and the US Constitution in one way or another. Pleasing that group with any single candidate is damned near impossible these days due largely to the cultural deterioration all Democrat Party loyals contribute to in one way or another. It should come as no surprise to anyone who studies the history of our politics, that populist candidates are doing well among discrete groups of unhappy voters who are looking for ways to express that displeasure with both political parties.

    Bernie Sanders may not be “electable” in the conventional wisdom but what I think it more important to pay attention to is how many people are supporting him right now instead of whimsical “what if” sideshows like this one.

  2. That half-black anti-America caliphate-loving piece of Kenyan snake shit communist bastard gets a free pass for anything from the Left.

    Once the progtards get all 14 of their brain cells in agreement on anything, it’s damn hard to change their thought pattern. Barry does all their thinking for them.

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