If she’s lying, may lighting strike her

An accident? Or a plot that didn’t pan out?

hillary hit by lighting

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  1. God missed her with the slider (lightning strike)….he then threw the curve/change up (concussion/stroke)….here comes the “High Cheese” Hilliary….wait fer it…. wait fer it……..

  2. This vile creature made deals with the devil decades ago
    and now she is deteriorating at warp speed.

    This beast’s last moments will be horrific.

  3. It wasn’t even close to hitting her. She was capable of coming off that sofa faster than Monica ever did getting off Bill. Hillary is just prone to getting hurt and over dramatized it when she was younger. Now that she’s old, she can’t hide those Depends she’s wearing or that defibrillator vest. She has really ballooned up on those steroids. I hear a tent maker is now making her clothing.

  4. DW. I was going to ask, were they being coached on how to react and answer questions? Looked to me that way. WTF!

  5. I’ll say that some electrician at CBS sure got his ass reamed. Maybe even fired. She’s a survivor, that’s for sure. Sniper fire, electric lights blowing up, heavy drink night in Ireland, bangs her head, Joe Biden gropes? Yeah, she’s a survivor. Emails? ah that’s just bullshit.



    Unfortunately, it wouldn’t matter.

    Let’s say they never even existed in the first place – you really think there wouldn’t be somebody just as corrupt in her place – having the same agenda?

    It aint her – it’s the forces behind her and every globalist in power.

    She’s just the face on it today.

    Exactly why assassinations would not only be useless, but counterproductive. Then they can turn it up a few degrees with some sympathy on their side making them look righteous while they screw everyone six ways to Sunday and in public.

  7. 60 minutes was that close! And they never even had to talk about the 2nd Amendment. There are several was to skin a crunt.

    (I suppose the SS will be “visiting me soon)

  8. @Moe Tom:

    I’ll put my survival up against hers any day, to wit:

    2000: Breast cancer StageI/II diagnosis. 2 lumpectomies, 6 chemo rounds, 33 radiation treatments.

    2001: Same-breast recurrence as ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS). Wide-excision biopsy, radical mastectomy.

    2006: Opposite-breast occurrence as DCIS. Radical mastectomy.

    2016: Still here. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  9. @yonkers, we’re in the same club. 04/2002 the start of breast cancer, DCIS and invasive carcinoma, Stage 2, Step B. Lots of wide spread cancerous microcalcifications. Usually not cancerous but I hit the jackpot. Treatment, surgery, treatment, more surgeries, radical mastectomy and immediate TRAM reconstruction. That missing piece of abdominal muscle has caused some major problems over the years. I ain’t dead yet dammit.

    I had only 1 risk factor which is when I found out 80% of women who get bc have no or few risk factors.

    We survive.

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