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If Slaves Built This Country, Why Was Africa Unbuilt?

Disney releases ridiculous animation.

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  1. it’s missing something…oh yeah, some historical context on how their own people sold them into slavery and continue to do so to this day in many parts of the world. fuck off with the screeching.

  2. I’ll bet a solid nickel the Disney people that produced this tripe avoid ever entering Compton or anywhere similar, for some reason.

  3. Now that question is the MOAB to blow Liberal minds with!!

  4. I’ve never met a slave or former slave.
    Guess I have to get out more.

  5. Can’t decide who is worse any longer Warner or Disney

  6. Slaves didn’t build shit.
    They picked cotton and indigo, put up some fences, maybe, but not renowned builders.

    More slaves in the izlamic world, the Spanish world, the Roman world, the Greek world, the Caribbean, the Maya, the Aztecs, the Toltecs – well, all the ancient people – the Cheyenne, the Cherokee, the Arapahoe, the Mohawks, (all five of the Iroquois nations) than were ever shipped to North America – and the sad part is that the maggot liars at Disney KNOW it.

    The “narrative” is to make white people appear in a bad light, when in actuality, ALL humans appear in a bad light, vis a vis slavery. Chinks kept slaves, Japs kept slaves, Tatars kept slaves, the African negroes not only kept slaves but sold their African negro slaves to the moslems and Portuguese – who, in turn, sold them around the world.

    All bullshit; all the time.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Thanks for the info. Didn’t know Disney had a massive bigot, misinformation, and white-guilt employee problem.

  8. …even if so, Jewish slaves built the Pyramids and German and French slaves built Ancient Rome.

    What of it?

    WE are not THEY

    NOW is not THEN.

    No White American now living ever OWNED a slave.

    No Black American now living ever WAS a slave.

    Enough with rehashing grudges you have zero relation to other that skin color.

    Get over it.

  9. We jus wantobe rekogniz for da wurk wez all did. We bilt all dem big unaversitees and all dah big enginearing projekts lihe da panama kanal. Reperashons be do us. Howz aboy 10 millions dolars each. It seam to be fare.

  10. If you want to see more from this artist look up
    Uncle ruckus. He is entertaining. The cartoon is called boondocks. I highly recommend watching. it will change your opinion. A lot of negroes do not like him.


    Old boss fired because not woke enough! Not what some – withnout paying attention to who came back – said last year!

    If you love America the DIS change was/is for the worse!

    This week we find out if DeS tucks his tail between his legs and run from DIS after his loud Barks last year.

    I hope he fights; but ?

  12. Why is the house of mouse even relevant anymore? Everything about them is extremely overpriced and most Americans can’t afford to pay exorbitant, ripoff prices to go to their theme parks anymore. The old Disney of the 50’s and 60’s was great, the new unenlightened woke Disney sucks.

  13. I think it’s time for reparations. Here’s the deal. Any black person that wants reparations can have them, IF they sign a contract that says they will leave America and NEVER come back. They will not be allowed to enter the country at all once they have received their pay off. How many do you think would take that deal?

  14. Slaves by definition are dependent upon their masters. Free your self from government handouts.
    Feel free and be free to leave the USA at any time.

  15. From mud huts to Cadillac Escalades…

    What’s the problem?

  16. This explains why the states that had slaves were so much more developed than states that didn’t, I mean just look at early 1800’s New York vs Mississippi.

  17. Horses and mules built America. To the extent that slaves built anything, it was in the same context. They had to be trained and driven.

  18. Ebonics, rap music, and gangsta cultcha are the White Devil’s best tools for bondage.

  19. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    Let’s not forget Izlam that also captured, bought, transported, and sold slaves throughout North Africa, the Middle East, and the entire Mediterranean pond. And as far as I know, they still do (prove me wrong).
    Where’s the outrage against THEM to pay reparations?

  20. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    The slaves that ended up over here should be THANKFUL that they were captured and removed from Africa; taught trades, extended lifespans, medicine, food, clothing, education, eventual freedom—-compared to their relatives that were left behind in Africa.
    Yeah, I expect some flak from this, but you can’t dismiss the results. Yes, it was a long, hard road that blacks (and IRISH among other WHITE European slaves) had to travel, but you can’t argue against the end result.
    Prove me wrong.

    I like nco77’s suggestion. Don’t like it here? Want reparations? Here’s your money, sign on the bottom line to renounce your citizenship. Don’t care where you go, but you can’t stay here.

  21. DISNEY is nothing more than a scam outfit of vulgar white privilege lowlifes and race-haters who hide behind some bogus pro-black krap to shield their own race supremacy….as does Joe Biden and the rest of the democrat sludge.

  22. Funny that Disney doesn’t mention the (verified) fact that the DEMOCRAT PARTY founded, developed, and advocated the Ku Klux Klan hate group, the very same vile cult which Joe Biden has long associations with. All his pandering to black people is a major manip and exploitation of them to hide his background.

  23. They grew cotton. No small thing, but please…

  24. Forget whether theu built it – they later destroyed it.

  25. All slaves sent to the New World were WEST Africans.

  26. We Yankees Built the North without the use of slaves, thank you very much.

  27. We need to send these Africans back to Africa so they can help their fellow comrades. Somewhere among the decendents of their tribal cousins they lost the
    ability to get build homes and get clean drinking water. They can carry back gallons of pure water from the Flint River and then they can Build Back Better Africa just like they did in Detroit. Everyone will prosper and be happy


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