If the Left Had Their Way What Would It Be Like?

CFP: With all that is going on today in our social and political culture, especially the audacious unmasking of what liberals and the Democrat Party are now demanding, it would not be difficult to imagine an America ruled by the Left, the modern liberal, the modern Democrat Party. I say modern liberal because it is a far cry from the classic liberal of the forgotten past.

The classic liberal would advocate Constitutional Republicanism, a limited government with basic inalienable rights entrusted upon its people, shared equally by all its citizens, of all races, bestowed by God. It was envisioned by our founders that all were created equal in the law and then allowed to be let loose to become all you can be with limited government and few limits. It was what many of us fought to reestablish in the 60s and 70s.

Liberalism and the Democrat Party have morphed

Liberalism and the Democrat Party have morphed. They have contorted into a shape that is no longer recognizable. More likely they were stolen by nefarious groups who waited for their opportunity to affect a docile and pliable generation more concerned with getting high.

Liberals have achieved much power over the decades. They have almost completely taken over the media, the entertainment industry and the education system. The internet has proven difficult for liberals. They fear the totally free exchange of ideas…people thinking for themselves. Facebook, Google and others are trying desperately to control what we all read. Nevertheless, Hillary Clinton’s candidacy represented a culmination of many years of indoctrination, misinformation, and brainwashing. They were close, real close. How else could they have responded to a Trump presidency?

Liberals live in a bizarre world of contradictions, intolerance, violence, and a narrow-minded world of strict conformity. They are intellectually dishonest, without principle, continually in search of the perfect road to utopia where none exists. It is a creed that feeds on emotion, their only approach to debate. They advocate and promote a strong centralization of all political power, massive in size. What is good for New York and Los Angeles is good for Omaha, Nebraska and Cody, Wyoming.  more here

6 Comments on If the Left Had Their Way What Would It Be Like?

  1. Morphed? More like Hijacked in all the wrong ways. Like Barry and his claim about the economy. Jethro – good one! So true. Shame the coward suck-up Soros got away.

  2. I don’t think they’ve morphed. Consider Malcom X and what he had to say about the white liberal.

    He’s been dead for 53 years.

    Muhammad Ali was Kanye decades ago.

  3. It would be Hell on earth, in other words a typical left wing socialist utopia. All except for the ruling elite who would exempt themselves from living like the masses who they would exterminate in the name of social justice and progress.


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