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If the Mets Lose Tonight There is Actually a Silver Lining

These three douchebags, who are rooting for the Mets, will have the sads… the collective sads.

Update: Looks bad as the Mets completely implode.

The Royals were simply too good a team for the Mets to compete with.

Congratulations to the Kansas City Royals. I am confident they will not blow their lead in the last inning… like the Mets seemed to have done all World Series.


The only thing that would make this better is if the other douchebag, Met fan Jon Stewart, was with them.

(Left to left – Tim Robbins, Michael Moore, Bill Maher.)

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  1. I saw a wide shot of Maher and Moore last night. It had to be a wide shot so you could fit Moore himself and Maher’s nose in there.

  2. Royals were too good.

    Mets have bullpen holes and they were hurting defensively over towards, eh hmmm, Murphy.

    Dilson Herrera will be the Mets 2nd baseman next year.
    And Conforto will take Cespedes’ place.

    Who wants Duda?

    Anyone… Anyone??

  3. While I agree completely with your sentiment, I’m not so sure that the Mets would have made it to the big dance without Murphy’s offense during the playoffs.

  4. So you picked a team that won the AL pennant last year and won 95 games this year?
    You’re a regular lone genius. How did you do it?

    I, on the other hand (lol) picked a team that was barely .500 in August , going out on a limb while everyone laughed.

    I’ll take my ability to scout out a dark horse versus something that was not all that hard to do.

  5. As a Dbacks fan, I was in shock that Add-a-Run Reed was allowed to pitch in that situation. I just knew he would blow it like he did so many times for the Dbacks….just sad!

  6. I had picked the Mets on the basis of their starting pitching which was, for the most part, very good. Unfortunately for the Mets, the Royals starting pitching was also very good, and the Royals had the better bullpen.

    It would not surprise me to see a rematch next year.

  7. I picked a team that was hungry and believed they should have won it last year. They would have, except they ran into a buzzsaw called Madison Bumgarner.

    The Mets? I still wouldn’t pick them for next year.

  8. And now another long Winter starts, Baseball season is over till Spring training begins in March. Congratulations to KC. Next year let’s hope the Dodgers and Cubs don’t choke in the playoffs again. And maybe, just maybe the Seattle Mariners won’t suck as usual.

  9. After watching them slice right through the Orioles last year, the other teams should have know what they were up against. The pitching was staggering and silenced every bat on the team. I was devastated but then that’s the nature of the game.

  10. @BigFurHat – Sincere condolences my friend. As the Royals proved, The Game is a redemptive competition. “Wait till next year” is always an optimistic outlook that promises the warmth of Spring & the regeneration of hope (except for the Cubs & then it’s just a cruel, century long taunt). Murphy’s Law proved too much to overcome – plywood gloves, concrete hands & rubber armed throws will not a WS win.

    At least you won’t have to endure the endless Buckner sufferings – I remember after that horrendous slow roller the joke going around was that, after the game Buckner tried to commit suicide by throwing himself in front of a car on Flatbush Ave – but it went through his legs.

    So, wait’ll next year while invoking the spirits of Casey Stengal & Ron Swoboda – think AMAZING!

  11. Sorry about your Mets, Fur. I went to bed at the top of the 9th thinking that the Mets had it in the bag. I thought for sure the management of the Mets would be smart and pull Harvey and bring in a stopper. I was wrong.
    Those Royals just never stopped, never gave up.

    I hope those 3 liberal douchebags cried themselves to sleep last night. Of course, they probably do that every night while sucking their thumbs.

  12. Am I going to rebound after being down and considered nearly out for so long BigFurHat? Please say “Yes!” 😉

  13. If you all were San Francisco Giants fans, your World Series dreams would be fulfilled for life! I’ll never forget where I was when they won last year, anxiously checking my phone, living the dream with a Cowsill in attendance. Talk about a day Heaven smiled down on me! ?

  14. Hey Bubba, Susan Sarandon is Robbins Mom 🙂 Actually |I saw her in The Rocky Horror Picture Show the other night. Great body back then.

  15. Probably Mets fans only since the Yankees lost.

    Except Mikey More [sic], who is just a sh!tbag, gravytraining, POS with enough money to buy over-priced ducats.

  16. Isn’t mikey from Michigan? I thought he was very proud of his lower class upbringing there. Even though he was raised in an upper middle class family and neighborhood.

    He should be a Tigers fan

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