If They Nominate Creepy Joe Biden The Dems Are Doomed In 2020

The Lid: To our knowledge, former Vice President, the SCHMOTUS Joe Biden has never been formally accused of sexual harassment or molestation, but that doesn’t mean he’s not the creepiest old man in America.

Biden’s “creep factor” has been well documented and if he’s the best that the Democrat Party can do in 2020… they are in deep trouble. (Particularly, in the post-Harvey Weinstein, Brett Ratner, Al Franken, etc., age.)

Back in 2014 Robert Kessler’s Secret Service tell-all explained that while the worst detail is serving on Hillary Clinton’s protection team, protecting Joe Biden was almost as bad a job.

A new book claims that Vice-President Joe Biden upsets female Secret Service agents by swimming naked wherever he goes…

‘Agents say that, whether at the vice president’s residence or at his home in Delaware, Biden has a habit of swimming in his pool nude,’ Mr Kessler writes. ‘Female Secret Service agents find that offensive.’

Offensive? I am surprised they didn’t poke their own eyes out.

The naked swimming and the last-minute changes of schedule mean that being assigned to Mr Biden is seen as ‘the second worst assignment in the Secret Service,’ Mr Kessler writes.

It’s not just the swimming though…  more here

16 Comments on If They Nominate Creepy Joe Biden The Dems Are Doomed In 2020

  1. It isn’t going to matter. But it will be interesting to see who the Dems think is their best shot. Will it be one of the old guard? Or will it be somebody under 70?

  2. Lil Marco.
    Low Energy Jeb.
    Lyin’ Ted.
    Crooked Hilary.
    And now, drumroll:
    ” Creepy Joe”.

    The name will stick. Aaaaand, he’s toast.

    Like PDT I hope Crooked Hilary could somehow run again in 2020.
    And 2024. And 2028. And 2032.
    When she dies they should preserve her in wax, like Lenin, and the DNC can run her waxen corpse forever.
    Because remember, it’s her turn.

  3. Biden was recently in town promoting his new book. I was going to ask my niece if she wanted to get internet famous by getting tarted up and wearing a camera.

    It wouldn’t take long to catch this predator.

  4. No non-incumbent Democrat over the age of 55 has won the presidency since Woodrow Wilson in 1912. Only one non-incumbent Democrat over the age of 50 has been elected president in that time: Jimmy Carter.

    But, hey! Go with Joe!

  5. great plan dims, run a creepy old white guy with delusions of adequacy that has virtually no accomplishments in his entire tenure of government service for the presidency. What could possibly go wrong. go for it.

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