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If this doesn’t get sheeple to wake up, nothing will

This video should humiliate anyone that has an ounce of working brain, but are not utilizing it.

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  1. The media is chock full of queers. Queers only know one thing in life. And that is how to construct a totally bullshit narative. That is their only use in life. It is what they do. Their whole life is a lie and they been living it their whole life.

    Why do you think cable news has so many queers? It’s a chicken and egg question. Did the news media recruit queers because they wanted people who are good at bullshitting everybody about everything, or did the news media become an exercise in bullshitting everbody about everything because the queers started working there.
    It’s the eternal question.

  2. I was in the supermarket this morning with no mask and about 90% of people were wearing masks. I congratulated several who weren’t. Got some dirty looks from obviously terrified eyeballs.

  3. David Shawn

    But yet Ric Grenell is Gay. I don’t think dividing people up into categories is that easy anymore.

  4. I know people who are currently completely caught up with this current bullshirt! They are neither stupid nor dain bramaged, but they still trust “the government” and believe what they see on cbs, nbc, abc…. ad nauseam. I cannot change their minds, but they do actually have the conversation.

  5. The problem with that is that the people who are susceptible to this stuff have been conditioned to see what civilized humanity has long recognized as a vice as virtuosity. They live in a parallel Universe that the left has constructed and inculcated into. Facts do not mean anything to them, their feelings are what matter. Being in with the in crowd is the ultimate goal for them. So long as the media keeps telling them they are the virtuous ones none of this will register with them.

  6. what’s great about JP is that they can’t remove his videos because he is agreeing with them!! Does “sarcasm” break their community standards??


  7. I went into Lowes this morning without a mask, and a young man who came in behind me congratulated for my courage. He said the only reason he wears one is so he doesn’t have to listen to shit from anyone. Then stopped at the grocery store, no mask. No one said anything to me about it, but I did get some looks from a few Karens.

    I think the only way this mask wearing crap is going to end is when enough people have the courage to take them off.

  8. On a walk yesterday I was met by a man on a bicycle wearing a Mask? In our small town what could be the purpose unless he is brainwashed?

  9. Will be interesting to see how many people keel over when the heat reaches the upper 90’s and the humidity is also high.

  10. The best vaccines are like the best sex; non-consensual. JP should be writing for Joe Biden.

  11. Fur — JP successfully demonstrates the ideological equivalent of that stairway illusion — you know, the one where people are convinced that they’ve walked upstairs and end up walking back upstairs to where they started. And that drawing of the endless staircase. Love it!

    Was out and about today, had to go to ACE Hardware for paint. The only ones wearing masks were the people behind the counters. I know them all pretty well and they admit they only wear it to appease Inslee. Stopped at my favorite coffee drive through. My gal wasn’t wearing a mask, either. Things look like they’re getting back to normal. Lots of people out today. No one around here is going to wait to told they can have their lives back — and this is Seattle! Can’t wait to see what affect this will have on the General Election.

    I have a script in my brain if anyone should scold me: “Wearing a mask is not mandatory, it’s ‘suggested’. If YOU think you are in a high risk category, YOU need to do whatever YOU think YOU need to do to mitigate that risk for YOURSELF.”

    This mask thing and social distancing is the real life version of Stewart Smalley’s “carpeting the world instead of putting on your slippers.”

  12. They remain filled with righteous indignation proclaiming that the mask isn’t for ME, it’s for those I might infect!!!! Wait! What? I’m infected??? Well, you never know they state! IDIOTS!

  13. His level of sarcasm made my headache… and I thought that I was good at being facetious!
    Very impressive stuff.


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