If Trump was your GPS

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  1. That is truly amazing! I wonder if that is his regular voice or if he has the ability to mimic POTUS Trump.

    “If you run into Bernie Sanders, you’ve gone too far left.” Hahah!

  2. That was amazing.

    The problem is that if I was using it, I would be too busy laughing to get to my destination!

  3. biden* GPS:
    “You are about to enter a racial jungle…”
    “Turn right to enter a yellow part of town…”
    “Don’t turn left here if you aint black…”
    “If you keep going straight you will get in trouble with your staff…”

  4. Too cool
    I had an idea 15 years ago when they started using voices, to have a Navi Nag.
    The voice I had in mind was Estelle Costanza.

  5. I couldn’t believe it was actually an impersonation, and so funny! The guy’s got every single nuance figured out, even down to the breathing! Amazing timing. Wow!

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