If Weiner really said this, the Left will eat him alive

Patriot Retort: I’m sure you’ve heard that the little perv Anthony Weiner is pleading guilty to “transferring obscene material to a minor.”

According to the New York Post, the charge carries up to ten years in prison. And it may result in Weiner becoming a registered sex offender.

If you want my opinion, he got off easy.

Boy, I really should have found a different way to phrase that.

Any old how.

I was perusing through Twitter just now. And I found a tweet from The Daily Beast reporter Olivia Messer that, if true, won’t go over well with the Left.


“I have a sickness, but I do not have an excuse,” Weiner said, as he cried in court on Friday morning.

You understand?

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  1. Plus, his sickness led to uncovering of someone’s emails. He inadvertently did a service when he uncovered himself. Yep, he will get eaten alive unless he has something on the
    Clintons. However, if he does, he won’t use it, because even pervs can love their child and dont want their child harmed by others.

  2. He “got off easy” Ha Question is Why? Was it because he agreed to testify against others (Hillary, Huma Podesta) Or Did he get off easy because he agreed to keep his mouth shut? If I were forced to bet I would bet on the latter. Next question is one of timing did Comey’s firing have any connection to his pleasure deal? The timing can’t be ignored.

  3. He’ll be back in the news shortly when they announce that he has hanged himself because he was depressed with the fact, aka Fake News, that huma has served divorce papers again, for the third time. Third times a charm when you’re a democrat. 👎 🤣

  4. Why mess around with children? There are 100’s of willing ‘women’ out there.
    When I was younger and better looking I was approached once a week by the ladies.
    Now my wife won’t let me date anymore. I can’t even help the height challenged
    women at the market.

  5. Next on “The Continuing Adventures of Carlos Danger” our hero meets some new friends in prison, most of whom are named “Bubba” and Carlos discovers that wieners inserted where they don’t belong can be quite painful!

  6. Remember when Weiner was constantly on television foaming at the mouth like a hydrophobic attack dog? He was the most vicious Democrat I’ve ever seen on any news program. He didn’t have an ounce of compassion for anyone he opposed. Remember when Andrew Breitbart brought him down? Thank you Hillary and William Jefferson Clinton for bringing Anthony and Huma together in the perfect union of religion and politics. Little did they know that it was the perfect union of technology and deviant sexual behavior. Thank you Weiner. You may have saved this country from Hillary Clinton by your perverted behavior as Carlos Danger. You have done this country a greater service than you can ever imagine.

  7. A bunch of DC pols are shaking in their boots, right now.
    The Page Dorm (501 1st St.) is a bi(multi?)-sexual underage whore house for the shit-bags so inclined, and I would almost guarantee that trading pictures is the least offensive thing in which they engage.
    They never expect to be “outed” much less prosecuted for their perversions and fantasies – particularly those of the predominant socialist party (Demonrats).

    Glad they got one, but, like Hollyweird, it’s full to busting with perverts.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. I don’t get it? all the gay,lesbian,Bisexual and transgender people I know say they are perfectly normal and are just following their hearts. here’s Anthony just following his heart and he’s a sick pervert? what is going on here? by the way….the Sodomites back in the Bible were just following theirs!

  9. If history was taught correctly in this country, in the future, school children would learn about about Andrew Breitbart saving our country from Hillary Clinton by exposing Anthony Weiner’s pecker on the Opie and Anthony Show.

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