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If You Don’t Know What It Is, Why Ask Rights For It?

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  1. Leftist Woman: think of a man and then take away reason, honesty, logic, common sense and accountability……

  2. No individual lost rights today. All citizens gained them as the federal govt. rightfully lost a little control over what the states’ citizens are allowed to decide through their own lawmakers. It was a win for liberty, if you don’t like the laws in your state preferably move, or travel and kill your baby in a state that allows your wishes.

  3. Well I know what a Right-Thinking Woman IS .. Sexy as a starter, the descriptives are so wide-ranging … … the Leftist ‘woman’ Damned If I know.

  4. I don’t know why you people on the right have such a hard time with this. The left has it all figured out. A woman is a man who thinks he’s a woman and a man is a woman who thinks she’s a man. GOT IT? SHEEESH.

  5. How bout the murdered female babies?
    Didn’t they have “rights?”

    If you expect any semblance of logic from a nihilistic totalitarian twatwaffle, you’re gonna be sadly disappointed.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Our good friends at Dick’s Sporting Goods has announced that they will pay $4000 for any woman living in a Neanderthal state to go to an enlightened state that will allow her to kill her baby.

    Since they already stopped carrying guns, they must really like the idea of killing defenseless people.

  7. Wait…so you lefties now say you want to “ stand up for the rights of women” but want to allow men who feel like women to unfairly compete in sports against real women? So, you don’t support women until you do, or something.

  8. All these assholes crying about women “losing their bodily autonomy”.
    Where was the respect for my bodily autonomy concerning the clot shot.
    These assholes didn’t give a damn about my body my choice then.

  9. Now “poor”, Demwit mostly black women, as defined by genetics not pronouns, have been saved from their very bad choice of abortion on demand as contraception in many states.
    However, since leftist women never learn, let them take responsibility financing the killing of their children. They may think twice about being slutty.

  10. @Dbad: you are 100% correct. I would love to pose that question to a lefty female just to hear the blubbering and stuttering that would ensue.


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