If You Ever Doubted Fauci Was a Rabid Narcissist, Watch This Clip – IOTW Report

If You Ever Doubted Fauci Was a Rabid Narcissist, Watch This Clip

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  1. I would not want to be under the care of a doctor who went to medical school because Fauchi was his/her hero. It indicates a character flaw, and lack of critical thinking skills. Teenagers worship rock stars; serious adults don’t.

  2. Trust me on this, individuals who subscribe to the progressive political philosophy have absolutely no capacity for consideration of others whatsoever. They are totally incapable of sincerity on any level. The only appreciation they have for basic human decency and Christian virtues is that they recognize them as character traits that virtue signaling subhuman pieces of shit such as themselves exploit to give others the false impression that they are something they not only are not, traits they flat out reject as virtuous.

    These observations are consistent with what I have been saying for a long, long time. During that interval I have witnessed the reaction to what I have been saying go from outright stunned disbelief that I would say that about the worthless fuckers to nodding and responding: yea, no kidding.

    The gig is up. Good and decent people are finally able to understand what they are dealing with. It is time to choose sides and it has to be apparent that there is no common ground whatsoever between Christian people and they who have surrendered their birthright as a child of God and thrown in with Satan.

  3. Pay attention. Narcissism is not some cute affect where the subject just loves his appearance in mirrors, it is EVIL.

    The narcissist doesn’t give a shit about ANYONE but himself. You’re suffering, even death, means NOTHING to him, even if he is the cause of it, because he ONLY adores himself.

    Incurable. The only solution to such a twisted person is permanent quarantine from others, or more safely, extermination of that individual. There criminal acts, in a just society, lead to that real solution.

    If Fauxi doesn’t deserve capital punishment, for what he’s done that we know of, then no one ever has.

  4. Gag inducing.
    Not only what he said, but the fact he made the audience sit there in masks like obedient lab rats.

  5. The Mickey Mauci effect is when you wanna sucker punch that s.o.b. with an engine block & then want to PPV his live hanging on the Washington Mall – with the proceeds either going to his victims or to pay off the Biteme-inlicted debt!!!


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