If you had the chance to ask Comey one question…

I know we like to be funny in the comments, but this is a serious question.

Don’t ask me why right now, but in all seriousness, if you had the chance to ask James Comey one question, something that was rhetorical and damning, what would it be?

There is a chance your question will be asked. Take this seriously please.


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  1. Are you lying now, were you lying then or is the majority of what you say both then and now knowingly false?

  2. Ooh! Ooh, Mistah Kottah, I gotta question!

    “Mr. Comey, where will ALL liars end up according to the book of Revelation?”

  3. “Why have you used your office to subvert and belittle the office of the duly elected the President of the United States…..and therefore the election process for that position….the President of the United States of America?…

  4. Let’s start with: Did you ever attend the FBI Academy? Where did you spend your first five years as a G-Man?

  5. Why did you allow/encourage such partisanship within an agency that did its best(?) work when politics weren’t a driving force in determining what cases were handled and how they were handled?

  6. What’s your preference, drowning upside down in a PortaPotti or getting your head clubbed into applesauce?

  7. I retract my first question and replace it with:

    “Mr. Comey, 1 John 2:21 says no lie is of the truth. Do you believe that? Don’t lie.”

  8. Did you deliberately stay on as FBI Director in the Trump Administration instead of resigning, just so you could attempt to bring it down from the inside?

  9. How many of President Elect Hillary Rodham Clinton’s emails did the NY FBI actually find on Carlos Danger’s wife’s computer and Blackberry? You initially disclosed that there were hundreds of thousands discovered on these two devices, but this was later reduced to forty or fifty thousand emails. Why haven’t these been turned over to Congress?

  10. Will you be donating the proceeds from your book to the families of fallen FBI agents or will you keep it for yourself?

  11. Who are you working for?

    I don’t mean the US government, but who is actually his boss – who gives him his marching orders (ie Obama, Soros, Deep State, whatever Globalization organization, …).

  12. Did your ignorance of the Clintons have anything to due with your clearance to investigations of the Dirt Rhode Scholar and his psychotic wife’s Death List? So much for an oath,,,

  13. You, McCabe, and the rest of the Obama holdovers in the FBI, DOJ, and various other government agencies seem to be pointing fingers at each other. Which of you has the biggest and most damaging dirt on all of the others? Please include the Clintons and Obamas.

  14. Spit or swallow?

    I’m sorry. This site brings out the Hyde in me! 🤪

    Serious question. (About to be waterboarded) Tell me EVERYTHING about Barack Obama, starting with his birth certificate…

  15. Looking at the decision to not recommend prosecution, my question is. Were you that scared of your wife?

  16. What do you know about former VP Biden and his fondness for little girls? Is there photographic evidence of impropriety?

  17. When you told the President of the Steele dossier, of the prostitutes allegedly peeing on a bed in Moscow, you knew that it was opposition research, not intelligence, paid for by the Clinton campaign. Why did you not tell the President that fact?
    Follow up. Was it your intent to blackmail the President?

  18. Did the fact that your wife and daughters were/are staunch Hillary supporters have any influence on your attempt to help Hillary. I mean, what kind of conversations went on around the dinner table, as election day approached?

  19. We all know why Loretta Lynch declined to participate in any recommendation concerning Hillary Clinton, but why did she defer that decision to you instead of someone else at the Attorney General’s office?

  20. “Mr. Comey, you are an intelligent and experienced man, yet you and your close colleague Bob Mueller ignored good inside tips and evidence that the man who mailed anthrax-containing letters shortly after 9/11 was Fort Detrick scientist Bruce Ivins, and instead focused on Steven Hatfill whom the DOJ completely exonerated and to whom you had to pay $5.8 million to compensate for your erroneous harassment and persecution. My question is, at what point did you and Mueller realize you were going after the wrong man? Was it before you even started the investigation? Were you deliberately targeting Hatfill or were you deliberately covering for Ivins? You two had no incentive to do the things you did on your own, so who was it that gave you your orders?

  21. Have you ever accepted anything of value from anyone while you were in the employment of the US Gov’t?

  22. Do you consider it treason for a secret cabal of government employees to attempt to overthrow the duly elected president of the United States through falsified evidence, innuendo, leaks and lies?

  23. Fact: Hillary Clinton maintained a private email server in a bathroom. Fact: There were classified emails on that server, and later on a laptop owned by Anthony Weiner, and even you admitted that this was improper.
    Fact: Hillary had been involved in the Federal government for decades – as First Lady, then a Senator from New York, then as Secretary of State and finally as a candidate for President.
    Fact: Foreign governments, NGOs, and other persons and entities donated substantial funds to the Clinton Foundation and many of those donations dried up after Hillary Clinton lost the election.
    Fact: The Clintons claimed they were “broke” when they left the White House, have had careers in government service, and according to Forbes made $240 million since leaving office.

    Question: why has the Clinton Foundation not been investigated for, among other things, influence peddling?

  24. This fuc is talking to fuc much the IG , FBI, and other are still investigating. But Comey need to save is money because for sure is ass will go to jail.

  25. Jim Comey, in many recent tee vee interviews you’ve emphatically repeated two things: 1. President Trump is not morally fit to be President, and 2. You did what you did (illegally leaked information to the press and others) because you are fighting against President Trump on behalf of the American people.

    (Although it seems obvious that you wrote this book and make these claims on behalf of those who supported Hillary Rodham Clinton for president.)

    Q: Which Americans do you mean when you say you are fighting for Americans, given that those who voted for and elected President Trump are also Americans? Do you not see that you are a partisan activist when you make those claims; contrary to all that you say the FBI *should* be?

  26. OK This is pure conjecture but:
    One night at the dinner table, after a heated argument, Mrs. Comey told Jim. “OK YOU DO WHAT YOU WANT”
    Now, any sensible man knows that when a woman says, “You do what you want,” You don’t do what you want.
    Stand still.
    Do not blink.
    Don’t even breathe.
    Just play dead.
    But Comey is not a sensible man, he caved.

  27. Jimmie, we can document you have a long history of screwed up thinking. What the hell is wrong with you?

  28. Serious question: Mr. Comey, do you now or have you ever considered the “bleach-bit” of data, the removal of e-mails, and destruction of hard drives a complete breach in trust of Hillary Clinton considering her run for the White House?

  29. how much has that High School locker room shower incident, where you were physically shoved out into the Girls gym class, fully naked, by that 5’6″ Science Fair Award recipient ‘bully’ affected your judgement between Alpha Males, such as Donald J. Trump & beta males, such as Barack Obama?
    … & as a follow up, does this incident come into your thoughts when your wife uses the strap-on when she ‘rides herd’? … & do you wish it were Obama instead of your wife?

    …. come on, admit it ….. you know you do


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