If you like salt and pepper, you hate gays!!11! – IOTW Report

If you like salt and pepper, you hate gays!!11!

Says food critic who teaches students safe sex.

– CollegeFix:

Au jus teaches us importance of lubrication

How can bagels build your sexual stamina? What can ramen teach us about sex in college? These are vital questions that Jay Friedman, a self-described “gastronaut,” discusses in his presentation to college students called “Sexy Feast.”

But he’s not just appearing before sex-positive eating clubs.

Friedman will address the entire incoming class of the University of North Dakota for Welcome Weekend in late August, at the invitation of the Student Involvement and Leadership Office.

The Seattle-based freelance writer and restaurant critic will speak as a “sex education” expert, according to the Welcome Weekend schedule.

Though he’s popular with student event organizers, Friedman has trouble keeping the sex modest in his food writing, leading him to accuse a former publisher of puritanism for making his work less dirty.

Planned Parenthood veteran teaches you ‘spine-tingling’ sex

Friedman’s promotional website describes him as “the real deal—the only professionally certified sex educator exclusively touring the college lecture circuit. Nobody does it better. And he’s been at it for over 20 years.”  MORE

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  1. I like bread and butter.
    I like toast and jam.
    But I don’t like leftist.
    And I don’t give a damn.


  2. I wish I could get a job either naming Paint, or deciding what Classes Colleges should Teach.
    Studies like:
    Do Dogs approve of White People?
    How many Microaggressions equal one whole Aggression?
    Find the Patriarchal Menace in the Hardware store sales flyer
    Are Toads Happy?
    If you are not Gay, is that a problem; should it be?
    If you like Bratwurst are you a secret Self Hating Gay Republican?
    Does New Age music cause Cancer in Clams?
    How about something useful like how to fight with a broom stick? Or how to make money in penny stocks?

  3. Sadly, this anal retentive buffoon considers himself dangerous and edgy.

    He’s as daring as a mashed potato sandwich on white bread.

    And he makes a good living selling baloney.

  4. More comments are here already than in his own published articles (0). Who pays this buffoon? I made an excellent meal tonight that was well loved and sex had nothing to do with it. Why would it? That’s just creepy and disgusting.

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