If You Thought ‘Defund the Police’ Was Insane You’ll Love ‘Abolish Prisons’ in Seattle

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You would think after the insanity that was CHAZ/CHOP, Seattle might have taken a hard look at their relationship with law and order. You would be wrong.

Seattle is in King County, and the County Executive’s Office is moving ahead with plans to “abolish prisons.” A leaked email published by Christopher F. Rufo, contributing editor at City Journal, shows active plans to reduce both adult and juvenile detention and close the county jail in Seattle. The juvenile detention center would be converted to house other programs by 2025. According to Rufo, this plan will eliminate 60% of the county’s jail capacity. more here

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  1. “Are there no prisons?” (Yes, but they’re full.)

    “Plenty of prisons.” (Nope, we’re closing them.)

    “And the Union workhouses? Are they still in operation?” (Gov. jobs.)

    “They are. Still, I wish I could say they were not.”

    “The Treadmill and the Poor Law are in full vigor, then?”

    (Yes! They’re well-fed, rioting and destroying the city!)

  2. Seattle IS NOT a cesspool. I remember a time — not long ago — when you couldn’t drive through the Tacoma area without your windows rolled up and your AC off. Pulp mills. And their Hilltop neighborhood has been known for decades for its incredibly bad gang problem. Tacoma has always had Seattle envy in its 2nd city heart. Too bad, too, because Tacoma has much to offer except a thriving waterfront, major league sports teams, a Space Needle, and five star hotels and restaurants. And Pike Place Market.

    We conservatives have not given up on Seattle yet. Mark my words.

  3. The county lockups I am aware of hold prisoners for sentences of a year or less. This means local criminals will stay local with no jails to inturrupt their careers and will become untouchable multiple repeaters continuously
    in training to climb the ladder to major felonies.
    Seattle is becoming another Sodom with its punishment and sentence of being stuck in that fouled commie toilet.

  4. Sounds like the plan will also eliminate 60% of the county’s population…cue the Killer Rabbit scene…”Run away!”

  5. Some of the riots have had several thousand people involved. Seattle and King County have no way to incarcerate – let alone criminally process – that many people, assuming they even wanted to.

    Seattle is simply not prepared for law-breaking on this scale. You’ve got a lot to overcome, Abigail.

  6. Oh. And just by the way….

    When criminals break into your 12 year old daughters bedroom and are savaging her?

    Don’t bother calling. You built this.

    As an aside, until recently I thought I would visit the Pacific Northwest someday . But
    It’s totally off the list now. Go about your mayhem and gently go fuck yourselves.

    Incidentally, You don’t need to secede from the union. You have been expelled. You are of no use to the nation and a new wall project should commence immediately. You assholes are undesirable.

  7. Abigail, I admire your commitment, but your fellow Seattleites keep electing people like Durkan and the City Council. Unless you can change their minds (or get them to move away), I don’t see how Seattle can come back. You’re up against a demographic wall of stupidity, drug addition, mental illness, gangs, sex slave operations, and a long history of Progressive, Communist and Socialist politics.

    You need a forum. With your knowledge of Seattle’s history and your political philosophy, have you considered running for the City Council? Or even the Mayor’s office?

  8. AbigailAdams, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the movie Destry Rides Again (Jimmy Stewart and Marlene Dietrich).

    The bad guys have taken over the town and by the end of the movie it looks the bad guys are going to win. But then the women of the town – completely disgusted with with how everyone has let the town down – gather together and in one big epic battle they march on and crush the bad guys.

    The people in Seattle need to do the same to all the bad guys – including that city council. Come together as one big force, get physical and kick ass.

  9. There is a simple way to get rid of prisons. Every cime is a capital crime, the punishment is death. No need for prisons or jails.Feed the guilty to carnivorous animals. Problem solved.The Founding Documents have already been shredded, the rest of the way is not far.

  10. Before we go pronouncing AbigailAdams has her head in the sand, it would be interesting to know how many of these Clown Terrorists actually live in or around the Seattle area. My guess, very few. The left has found a couple battle grounds that local and state officials have made ideal. Seattle And Portland are two.

  11. None of my comments were intended to impune Abigail or other like minded. And we cannot all move to TX. Hell, I live in Virginia and it isn’t any better here.

    Have you heard of Governor Blackface?

    We will just bide our time until nov 4.

    If Trump wins and the Tantrumists persist, It will be time out time. If the Tantrumists steal the election a higher degree of action will be necessary.

  12. Summarizing the obvious:

    1. The rioting crowds now greatly outnumber the police forces in most of the affected cities.

    2. Rioters with firearms and other weapons are increasing.

    3. Riot tactics are evolving and becoming more sophisticated.

    4. Democrat-run cities with riots continue with minimal containment, minimal arrests and major damage to commercial businesses.

    5. The current arrest rate by Federal agents is too small to make a dent in the scale of the riots.

    6. The major media including most local TV news stations are hiding the gruesome details of most riots, while continuing their terminology of “peaceful protest” and “demonstrations.”

    7. ‘Push back’ by local residents against the rioters is not yet significant anywhere.


    1. Riots will continue to escalate in cities where they are already ongoing.

    2. Police forces in those cities will suffer increasing injuries.

    3. The risk of a major, deadly event increases with each riot.

    4. If the number of rioters continues to increase at the present rate, eventually there will be insufficient forces of all types to deal with them.

  13. Jimmy
    You left off number 5. Clowns will continue to gain confidence and be emboldened by lack of any resistance by state Gov and local LE that they venture into the burbs and start terrorizing home owners and their families. At this point in time they become the hunted. Bracken did a story on this a couple months ago and I think it’s becoming truer every day. It’s going to be small urban sniper teams blowing clowns up wholesale.

  14. What about the FEMA camps that obama supposedly built? Round up the rioters and put them there. If we do something our country will be taken from us.

  15. Yeah, I deliberately didn’t go there, Bad_Brad, as that aspect varies so widely between counties, towns, etc. But this is where the battle finally will ‘wind up’ – whether or not local LE sides with local citizens’ rights to defend themselves, period. And that’s when the real battle for the country will start – and why the ‘conservative guns’ have been dormant so far. So far.

  16. Driving home on rural road yesterday morning, after a breakfast out at a restaurant (!), we drove over several F*ck Trumps’ that had been stenciled in white paint. Great. Out here 3 miles from my house. They all are unthinking robots. They don’t know why they hate him but they’ve been told they must.

    What to do? I love my house. It took a lot of hard work to get here. It’s not fancy but the view is. We aren’t going to make a knee jerk decision to abandon ship just yet. We talk and we wait and see. Maybe that’s stupid. Who knows at this point.

    I hope and pray that AbigailAdams is correct. 🤞

  17. P Henry if you ever get a chance to visit the PNW do it, it has beauty that needs to be seen with your own eyes, just stay out of Seattle if you want.
    When we are able to travel again your state is one with a rich history and that big bay that I would love to explore. Like California every state in our great nation they all have something to offer and I won’t stay out of them because of their dumb ass leaders.
    Ps if we could have flipped 150,000 votes which is not that many or more republicans had voted we would have been red in 16 both AA and I worked for the Trump campaign so we had a good incite of what happened.

  18. I’m in Southern California. My husband told me recently that he doesn’t want to do certain projects to the homestead, because we are going to be forced out.
    I am born & raised here. This is MY home. I will not go without a BIG fight.
    The crap people running this state are going to suffer a great reckoning. I predict the tide turns, and it turns swiftly and decidedly.

  19. @joe6pak – I almost mentioned in my list that the only facilities (supposedly) capable of handling tens of thousands of arrested rioters would be the FEMA camps. But who wants to think about THOSE places that never should have been built in the first place.

    I don’t want to tempt the bureaucrats to use assets of that kind – except to knock the rioting idiots in the head and send ’em home bleeding. “Come back, you asshole, and next time we’ll shoot you in the butt!”

  20. Jimmy
    You know one thing LE always seems to suck hard at? Covering their ass. It’s all straight ahead. It’s how they train.
    No matter. I doubt if I’m the only maniac that has 30 round mags scattered through the house at strategic points. A Tac vest laying by the bed with a Blackout on the short run.

  21. @ Geoff C. The Saltine July 26, 2020 at 4:24 pm

    The big problem w/the State GOP is the east side (i.e. Bellevue) cabal. They cant even hold their own “safe” Districts now. Nobody in their right mind trusts them.

  22. Yep JD they were the reason P.Trump lost here.
    Susan H really screwed us in 16 and many others.

    Brad they are moving out as we type.
    The guy who smacked the biker the other day was 7 or 8 miles from the core of the city and 10 miles from chop.

  23. The real culprit in this is AG Barr. No indictment of the organizers and the funders of this terror??
    He’s usuless. Another John Roberts.

  24. @ Geoff C. The Saltine July 26, 2020 at 4:52 pm

    They would show up at Tom Stewart’s Republican picnic every year ans smile and lie to our face, then turn around and dry shave us at every turn. Absolute filth.

    They would talk about Party unity and not one time did they ever consider that a two way street. Absolute filth.

    …and chock a block full of never Trumpers.

  25. A few years back joined a local Republican woman’s group because I was desperate for conversation with like minded people. I don’t join anything and I really don’t like woman’s groups! LOL

    Anyway, joined I did and the first meeting I attended the topic of conversation was the stupid tea party. Well, I was neck deep in the tea party! I was making art for it that those in the know-would know. They were all the “ladies who lunch” types and I had nothing in common with them. I came to be a part of something and even here I was ostracized. I went to one more meeting and it was on Mercer Island at a mansion on the water. Holy cow! Susan Hutchison was there and spoke about designing a new WAGOP website. She had a power point presentation-it was awful. They had designed something that looked like it belonged in the 90’s when the Dems have every high tech tool and brand understanding. Completely clueless as to what they were up against but everyone applauded and was sufficiently impressed. Ack! I left and never went back.

  26. Yep illustr8 Susan was one of the main reasons P.Trump lost Washington she was and still is a never Trumper.
    We should have asked you to join us in 16 to help P.Trump, you would have had fun with our group a few of the ladies opened carried in the office.
    We still get together with some from that group, great people.

  27. The WAGOP has a pretty good commercial right now-however…

    All of the “Action” text in it is red. “No More Anarchy. No More Chaos” for example.

    If you are trying to distinguish yourself from the Dems and be a contrast to them-put their descriptions in Blue-and your party in Red.

    It’s a simple thing but it bugs the heck out of me every time I see it!

  28. @PHenry July 26, 2020 at 3:51 pm

    > If the Tantrumists steal the election a higher degree of action will be necessary.

    Now is not the time. There’ll be another election.
    There’s always another election.

  29. @Jimmy July 26, 2020 at 4:12 pm

    > why the ‘conservative guns’ have been dormant so far. So far.

    Oh… yeahs. THAT’s the reason.

  30. @All. I feel your pain. I recently just rejoined my county GOP committee after leaving in disgust in 2012. I used to call it the old man’s breakfast club.

    But leadership has changed and we have a fight on our hands.

    I had risen to a minor vice chairmanship previously. But I found myself on the outskirts having helped form the local tea party.

    It was peculiar and we’ll see if I can tolerate it.

  31. PHenry and all: Well, here’s the deal: If your local GOP still thinks the tea party is dead or went away somehow, you’re with the wrong group. Duh, right? In Washington state, for example, we run our own Trump show. When you can’t get the King County people to even give you the voter database, you know something’s up. They can go pound sound and have their little Mercer Island (thanks, Illustr8r, that about sums up the KCGOP and WAGOP) soirees. Clueless beyond clueless. The Susan Hutchinson crowd voted for Kasich in the primaries, if that gives you any idea how checked-out they are. It’s all about petty fiefdoms. Wade’s gun shop in Bellevue was the only gun store/range in Western Washington who wouldn’t let us leave voter registration forms at their store. Even that place that gave up all their guns allowed it.

    There are a lot more Trumplicans in ’20 here than ’16, for sure.

  32. P Henry Sorry to say the GOP are not our Friends.
    Yes I know that we need the help but they will push the ones that they want to advance to the big club.
    Good luck, you are fighting the good fight at the local level and that is where it starts.
    You know your state and the people that need your support start with them.
    Don’t mean to sound like you do not know what you are doing just check out everyone.
    They are not all what they seem, found that out the hard way.

  33. @Jimmy — You asked if I’d ever considered running for local office.

    When I was in my twenties I actually did consider the Seattle City Council. That’s when I was on the verge of enrolling in law school. But my first husband died suddenly and everything was in play again. It’s probably for the best because back then I was a confused Democrat voter who would have been lead down the garden path.

    I do have a very good friend who actively scouts candidates and I’ve helped her with events and fundraisers for them.

    We’ve got two excellent candidates running for governor coming up. I’m a volunteer for Phil Fortunato. Tim Eyman is a one-trick pony whose claim to fame is the WA state car tabs thing. Other than that, he doesn’t make the list.

    Thanks for the suggestion, though. With a military background, I probably would have made a great pol. LOL!

    You’ll probably see me on YT — that angry woman giving the Seattle City Council the what for!

  34. @Abigail – thank you! – it’s really very gracious of you to answer my question. I’ve been thinking about your refusal to be ‘driven away’ (as in ‘the bad drive out the good’) from the place you love so much. I really never felt ‘driven out,’ per se, years ago, but rather circumstances took me away. Today, I wouldn’t move back for various reasons.

    I think I mentioned that I have a dear, retired professor friend who lives north of the U and I visited him 1.5 weeks ago after suggesting, “The city needs you – run for office!” He informed me that he would probably be able to hold just one press conference where he would read the riot act to government leaders and the people in Seattle and piss everyone off. End of his campaign.

    My reaction was, good! Do it! The city could use guys like him – and people like you. Too many of Seattle’s good people have left in my lifetime.

    Refusing to let the bad drive us out… that’s what it’s probably coming down to for all of us, I think. For sure, Seattle is a better place with people like you and my professor in it!


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