If You Were Wondering; Yes, The Impeachment Trial Is Still Ongoing

Restarted at 1pm today. Breitbart has the updates.

So far- Dems are lying, Schiff went on and on about Russia Russia Russia (And he looked wasted as hell).

Bonus! Voters in Florida are mocking the Dems: Watch: Florida Voters Dismiss Impeachment, Mock Schiff & Nadler as ‘Abbott & Costello’

9 Comments on If You Were Wondering; Yes, The Impeachment Trial Is Still Ongoing

  1. Actually they are more like Laurel & Hardy. No Nads still has that “Ollie Belly” & continues to shoot off his mouth without saying anything of any importance. Schiff continues to utter nothingness, but of instead of scratching his head, he’s scratching his ass.

  2. The Shampeachment Trial…
    Shows how some real morons get elected to Congress,
    None of these fools would hack it in the real world,
    Congress is mostly the employer of last resort.

  3. Really, still underway? Are you sure? Economy seems to be doing well, stock market is fine. Nobody I associate with is talking about impeachment. You must have bad information. If we were in the middle of an actual constitutional crisis, surely a well-informed citizen like me would have noticed.

  4. flip
    JANUARY 22, 2020 AT 8:55 PM
    “So when will AOC and crew introduce the Snowflake Protection Act of 2020? Can the Feds subsidize butthurt?”

    …I think they’ve been richly subsidizing butthurt for awhile.

    …it’s called “Congress”.


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