If You’re Going To San Francisco

If you’re going to San Francisco
be sure to wear
a bullet proofing vest
If you’re going to San Francisco
you might take one
directly in your chest
For those who come to San Francisco
You can see
how the hippies have all “progressed”
In the streets of San Francisco
Illegal people with chiggers in their hair
All across the nation
Such a strong frustration
Justified emotion
There’s degeneration
With no explanation
Push them in the ocean
Push them in the ocean

16 Comments on If You’re Going To San Francisco

  1. You just know that the jury was chock full of the typical hopelessly fucked in the head progtard asshole types that infest San Francisco. They probably all knew the guy was guilty, but since he killed a white person, it was “social justice” and simply had to be excused. I hope every fucking one of them gets ass raped and murdered by an illegal beaner piece of shit.

  2. Yup, a cop killing a black man attacking him is a hate crime, but an immigration criminal killing a “white” girl is a love crime.

    By the way, Steinle sounds like a German-American name.

  3. Her family released a statement that they are not “angry” because “they are not that kind of people”.

    Well, screw then, their town and their state. If they can’t be bothered to be bothered that their daughter was murdered why should I?

    Someone should tell the progtard parents there is ano undocumented homeless guy who needs a place to stay. He should be getting out of the county jail about now.

    Progtard make me sick.

  4. Some of the comments on TV claimed that the judge didn’t allow the jury to hear that the murderer was a criminal invader or that he had already been deported 5 times or that he had been convicted of multiple felonies. So it may be another case where a corrupt judge makes justice null and void at least in part due to their own bullshit rulings on evidence that can be presented.

    If these jurors were so ignorant as not to know any of this already though, they were too stupid to be on a jury in the first place. Or the jury was a bunch of left-wing pustules that decided to make a political statement with their lack of a just verdict.

  5. The bigger picture is no protection or justice for God’s children, rampant perversity, drug-addled minds, dead babies, and disrespect and downright hatred for Jesus.

    Yes, we are fucked and there is no path upward.

  6. I keep a close watch on this gun of mine
    I keep my eyes full twitch all the time
    I keep the spare mags in a line
    Because its mine, I walk the line
    I find it very, very easy to be armed
    I find myself practicing when each day’s through
    Yes, I’ll admit that I’ll try and protect you
    Because I’m armed I walk the line
    As sure as night is dark and day is light
    I keep you on my hip both day and night
    And the security I’ve known proves that it’s right
    Because I’m armed, I walk the line

  7. 40 cal Sig’s don’t ‘just go off’. How the hell did the defense get away with claiming this lie and have an ‘expert’ back it up and say Sigs are notorious for ‘just going off’? Lies, lies, lies. Finger on trigger and pull and it will go off. Either the Prosecutors didn’t give a rat’s ass or the jurors are typical liberal POS’s.
    I agree with TheMule above.

  8. The last time I was in Frisco was in the early 70’s, it was a freak show then and even a bigger and worse freak show now. There was nothing like being confronted by rabid, crazy Hare Krishna’s and Moonies at the SF airport. I had to buy their damned book just to keep them at bay, it cost me $10 and I threw it in the shit can before I left the airport, The only place in Cal. I might possibly visit would be San Diego but even that’s doubtful. Kate Steinle was hosed by a jury of know nothings. RIP Kate Steinle, you deserved a better justice this this atrocious non sentence of not guilty by this illegal alien bastard.

  9. My wife and I concluded we will no longer spend any time, much less any money, anywhere near San Francisco (or the whole Bay area for that matter)….. we used to get there at least once a year….. matter of fact while we lived in California for 27 years, we do everything we can to avoid it completely anymore…..

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