If You’re Not Already, Register to Vote!

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If you don’t know if you are registered to vote….I made it easy for you.

List of states that allow Online Voter Registration. You can put your initials, DOB and county, and it should tell you if your registration is active. If it isn’t, you can take care of it from there.

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  1. I vote in every election. As long as I do….i’m eligible.

    It’s a right and the duty of every American.

    Men have died for me to have this opportunity. It is my respect to them to do so.

  2. Thanks for the Link! I moved back to my home state in 2003. Good thing I had my 15 year old expired driver’s license. Hector and Jorge registered to vote 90 minutes before I could. With this their 30 relatives will ensure a blue wave in 60 seconds or less! Joking!, not being a Richard Cranium,,

  3. I like the ‘Safe at Home Participants’ voters program in California.
    That’s like the witness protection program for voters.

  4. We could cut down on voter fraud if we stationed an ICE team in the parking lot of each voting station with immigration officers in full uniform and marked vehicles.

  5. Voting has always been encouraged in my family. Chances are pretty good that my deceased family members still vote but probably changed parties.

  6. See, I was watching “the Young Lions” last night. Black and white WW11 movie with Marlon Brando.

    Now, anybody who’s ever seen that movie knows that Brando was pretty much the sexiest nazi who ever lived. But it got me thinking, did he look so cool because of black and white film? Would he have looked as sexy in full color? Indiana Jones had full color nazis, but schindlers list didn’t.


    Totally vote worthy topic.

  7. Anyway, you’d think black and white nazis would walk away with this, but Hogans Heroes has Schultz. Easily everyone’s favorite nazi.

    Man…I wish this was twitter. I could have run a poll and gotten to the bottom of this….. but now I’ll never know.


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