IG Report on Comey Provides EVIDENCE Barack Obama Was Involved With Deep State Obstruction Trap of President Elect Trump

gateway pundit – We now know that Obama was involved from at least as early as January 2017.  The IG’s report released a few days ago provides this evidence.


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  1. To hell with Jan. 2017. Obumbles was involved with the conception of this hoax to try to crucify President Trump. Remember he had to try to micro-manage everything during his 8 years. Then again Val Jarrett was really his “Puppet Master” & pulled his strings.

  2. I think most folk able to think, and think for themselves, understood 3 years ago this was a Rove/Obama operation from the get go. the UNIPARTY was “Deep state” 30 years ago. which as I said here yesterday, I a worried about the AG. He is better the Jef, but he was a UNIPARTY AG 30 years ago. by giving GWB’s Comey a pass, it seems (I may be wrong) he is still a Bush man.


  3. There’s a lot of choppin goin on, but no chips are flyin. Somebody damn well be going to jail or better yet, executed for all this treason.

  4. Start charging these fuckers or take the “evidence” and shove it!
    Stop with the lip service!
    After all these years I want some damn justice already!!

  5. If the point of all these revelations out of washington is to prove to We The People that we are feckless and impotent, it’s working gangbusters.

    We’ve gone from the wrong doers quietly covering up their crimes to having them openly laugh in our faces as seemingly no action of their’s has provoked a single consequence.

  6. Eric Holder is not worried.
    You know operation Fast & Furious
    and operation gun runner where just
    the tip of the iceberg right? There was even
    a mini F&F in Chicago… even down in Guatemala.

  7. Gosh and golly gee, I’m pretty sure there was no INTENT in anything that was done. And surely no TREASON, because they were all doing what they thought best for the country.

    Well I have to go now and gather up a whole bunch of information to send to a Nigerian Prince. It seems he’s going to make me a millionaire many times over. I guess I’m just very lucky…

  8. !! Federal Prosecutors !!
    Stop dick-slapping us with evidence and start doing yer damn jobs!
    The American people are fed the Hell up!!

  9. Lets take all this evidence about Comey, Obama, Hillary and all the rest and print it out on paper where it can serve a useful purpose. A purpose like burning in a steam boiler to generate electricity or heat a small city during the winter months. There’s certainly enough volume of it to do that.

    That’s about all the worthwhile results that could ever come of this, and even then only if they printed it out on paper. Other than that it’s just been a waste of time and money to produce it.

  10. That POS traitor barry. We know he doesn’t read, but merely checks boxes of papers put in front of him. (This story has been wiped by google – like they typically wipe barry’s ass when he soils himself).

    Apparently he checked the “ok for comey” box.

  11. “Barack Obama Was Involved With Deep State Obstruction”

    No Fucking shit Sherlock.

    As I said before; We are being numbed to the idea of ever expecting a liberal to face justice.

    Vigilantism sounds so sweet to me…….

  12. Until some sort of revolution occurs, wether violent or massive scale civil disobedience, there are going to be 2 sets of laws. The swamp cannot be effectively be drained in 8 years, as much as I wish otherwise.

  13. This shit is going on too long. Every day they are coming up with stuff that “could” mean something. Could, would, may, maybe. Fuck off. I’m sick of it and I don’t really GAF anymore. I’ll vote for and support Donald Trump in 2020.
    That’s it.
    Listening to Rush, Hannity, Levin, Carr, and the rest daily is driving me fucking nuts.
    Where’s the fucking beef?

  14. Ya’ don’t say.

    Anyone who doesn’t think that the Republican establishment was perfectly OK with it too, isn’t paying attention. It’s them against us and them is the Democrats and the Republican establishment

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