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  1. Here’s a scary thought:

    What if the Democrat ticket is Biden/Obama?

    …with Michelle Obama as Joe’s running mate. They know Joe’s brain won’t last, so, who better to take over than the Obama’s? Keeps Hillary and Barack out of jail.


  2. @ Dr. Tar

    “They’d make good running mates.”

    Yep. I’d be sporting… and give ’em a 5 minute head start… 😛

  3. Barack Obama:

    “Joe, you don’t have to do this.”

    “Michelle, you HAVE to do this!”

    That’s an awake nightmare, right there, Claudia!

  4. Mr. Fur: TRULY OUTSTANDING!!! I’ve sent this on to all the known sane people on my mailing list!

    forcibly deranged


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