IL Circuit Court judge blocks gun ban in Chicago suburb

DC: A Lake County, IL Circuit Court judge blocked the village of Deerfield from enforcing its ban on assault weapons, striking a legal blow to gun control efforts at the local level.

According to The Chicago Tribune, Judge Luis Berrones issued a permanent injunction against the Chicago suburb, writing that the plaintiff firearm owners have “a clearly ascertainable right to not be subjected to a preempted and unenforceable ordinance” that bans them from having these firearms, mandates monetary fines for possessing them and enables law enforcement to seize these firearms.

In April 2018, Deerfield trustees voted to ban the possession of specific semi-automatic guns like the AR-15 and AK-47, as well as magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

The ban came in the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting and violations of the ban carried a fine between $250 and $1,000 per day, The Chicago Tribune reported.

Gun rights groups immediately filed a legal challenge to the ban, citing 2013 Illinois state legislature action that gave a 10-day window to local municipalities to ban assault weapons, prior the new concealed carry law, which Deerfield did not take advantage of at the time. read more

7 Comments on IL Circuit Court judge blocks gun ban in Chicago suburb

  1. Instead of a legal challenge, the plaintiffs should have summarily executed the ‘Trustees’ by beating them with pool noodles.

    This takes a while. Hang in there.

  2. A Blow to the Socialists in the Socialist Republic of Illinois.

    There appears to be a few Judges who believe in the Constitutional Rights of their citizens. Now if that were true of the Governor and Legislature, Illinois could be healed.

  3. It’s ashamed they don’t have as much concern about the individual safety of their ‘constituents’ as they do about their own security from the repercussions of their attacks against the U.S. Constitution.

    Something you would only expect in a Socialist, Marxist, Communist Regime.

  4. On a side New Zealand just blasted the koran over the airwaves

    of the whole Country during a moment of silence for the terrorists

    that got to meet their god.

    Next up ? It’ll be illegal for Men to piss standing up .

  5. If you ever go to Deadfield, bring some dish soap and drop it in the fountain. Look thru articles hard enough, you’ll find me and my old man playing in the suds in the middle of town while the cops ask us if we knew who did it. LOL. Be careful, last time I was there they had about 12 cameras pointing at it.

  6. Ill-noise is on the northern border of our beautiful, wholesome, mostly clean, and G-d Loving state… and it amazes me, still, that just crossing a state border in this amazing place we call The United States we fall into a G-dless miasma of cowed, sullen, dejected, ignorant human beings. This is The United States. Are not ALL of us, sons and daughters of this soil, endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights?


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