Il Douché allows schools to reopen in fall

Well, sorta.

Just The News: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Friday that schools can reopen in the fall for in-person learning, leaving districts to determine their own curriculum. 

The governor’s decision will allow schools to reopen in regions where the average rate of positive tests is below 5 percent, according to The New York Times. 

New York had the highest infection rate among U.S. states at the start of the pandemic.

Schools across the country closed classrooms during the start of the pandemic and moved to online learning.

8 Comments on Il Douché allows schools to reopen in fall

  1. Makes sense, he’s already killed off most of their grandparents and vulnerable adults and kids are not affected by COVID to any degree.

  2. Gee, mighty white of him. Ahhh, an old phrase from the pre-PC good old days.

    (ummm, this is a safe place to say that, right? I mean, I’m not a racist. I just play one on this blog. It’s all fun and games.)

  3. Wait, what??!? School districts can develop their own curriculum? What could possibly go wrong with that? Though considering the direction it has been going for the last few decades, maybe it won’t be as bad

  4. After the nursing home murders he’s playing it safe and will distance himself. In case of more murders, he now has a vast array of scapegoats to point to. “I know nothing” Once burned, twice shy, great leadership with no actual plan.

  5. He needs the union dues and people are starting to ask for their property tax back.
    Cuomo family are gitano gypsie scum


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