Ilhan Omar in Service of Islamist Agendas

She has been happy to offer compassion toward Muslims, such as Indian Kashmiris and Chinese Uyghurs, when a non-Islamist is the “oppressor.” But she is willing to neglect the plight of Muslim Kurds who are being displaced and massacred on the orders of a Turkish Islamist tyrant.

American Thinker: By Hany Ghoraba

Freshman congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) is often presented in the press as the quintessential Muslim American, representing the values of an increasingly politically active class of voters who cling to their religious convictions while embracing progressive activism.  She has unilaterally established the boundaries of appropriate discussion among Muslims, labeling any topic “Islamophobic” that infringes upon her carefully curated image as a champion of the oppressed.  Yet, when it comes to Omar’s flirtations with Islamist dictators such as Turkish president Recep TayyipErdoğan, her agenda could not be more at odds with the Muslim Americans she claims to represent.

While serving as a Minnesota state legislator in September 2017, Omar met Erdoğan in a closed-door meeting.  She gleefully tweeted about her experience in her native Somali, and it was covered in official Turkish media.  The only U.S.-based coverage of the exchange came from a Somali-language newspaper article that explained how Erdoğan concluded the meeting by asking Omar to pledge support for Turkey, before inexplicably being deleted.  Turkey remains the main stronghold for Islamists in the Middle East and a Muslim Brotherhood hub, with whom Omar holds strong bonds inside and outside the United States.

Omar has not been shy about vocalizing this support on social media.  She praised the Islamist regime in Ankara for the “humane way” that it ordered medical evacuations from Mogadishu in the aftermath of a deadly 2017 bombing.  Yet the Minnesota Democrat has categorically ignored the Turkish-orchestrated genocides in northern Syria documented by numerous international human rights organizations.

Instead, Omar has blamed President Donald Trump for the bloody outcome in Syria, accusing him of using “dehumanizing language” and deeming him a “threat to global peace.” read more

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  1. She’s as sick as obama, and is corrupt as biden and clinton.

    Obama is a fraud (he was not born in the US, and his handlers literally infiltrated him into the white house), biden is a fraud, and clinton is a fraud. omar married her brother, and scammed her way past US immmigraiton laws.

    How these tumors are not held acccountable legally is directly proportionate to the corruption and/or cowardice of GOP leaders.

  2. Anybody know how many US service people this traitorous witch has gotten killed and maimed because you know she’s passing intel on to the Iranians and Hamas.


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