Ilhan Omar Investigated For Possible Student Loan Fraud, Immigration Fraud

According to investigative reporter David Steinberg, Feds are looking into Ilhan Omar’s sham brother-marriage, among other accusations of fraud committed.

Steinberg handed the FBI his evidence against Ilhan Omar and they found it compelling enough to share with the other two agencies.

18 Comments on Ilhan Omar Investigated For Possible Student Loan Fraud, Immigration Fraud

  1. She’s immune travelling to and from a vote, and from anything she does and says on the House floor.

    Other than that, she’s fair game: they’ll grab her during recess or adjournment.

    FBI broke into Bill Jefferson’s (D-La) office over a weekend (or a holiday) and didn’t give a shit that they were infringing on the Legislative Branch – so she can expect the worst (unless HRC calls off the FBI attack dogs).

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. let me know when she’s wearing prison stripes.

    until then, we have nothing but bullshit.

    mccabe was investigated over a year ago and it was revealed he committed the crime of lying to and fbi investigation.

    he’s on tv collecting big bucks.

    tired of being bullshitted with hopes and dreams.

  3. My hope of anything happening with all this bull shit stopped with realizing Trey Gowdy was just a fucking blowhard.

  4. Tired of accusations with no results. Stop getting my hopes up. So far the only one who suffered was General Flynn unjustly!

  5. Said this before and it still fits… “if dems didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.”


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