Ilhan Omar’s nonapology apology

WaEx: Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn. infuriated much of her own Democratic Party with a casual anti-Semitic trope on Sunday evening, suggesting that Jews retain power through un-American moneyed cabals.

But waking up to the anger she had sparked, on Monday, the congresswoman decided she had to respond. She did a pretty awful job of it. This nonapology apology is not an apology.


18 Comments on Ilhan Omar’s nonapology apology

  1. Import a bunch if ignorant, inbred third world savages, dump them in Minnesota, and this is what they get to represent them in congress. What happened to my country?

  2. People with a national voice should be shaming MN left and right that MN is now the new home for the American Nazi party. As in they people of MN just elected a Jew hating Socialist. Rub their faces in it like you would a dog that made a mess in the house.

  3. While I have no doubt that Rep. Omar is a Jew-hating piece of shit, and I’d never want to see Israel overrun by the raghead hordes, I can’t help but notice that the reaction by Congress shows that what Omar said about AIPAC money is obviously quite accurate.

    Say something to threaten in any way the billion$ in US taxpayer supplied funding sent to Israel every year to support their border security (which includes a big fucking wall), and 90% of the US Congress and 99% of the news media is on your ass. But demand that the same amount of effort and energy be exhibited by Congress to ensure US border security (including a big fucking wall), and over half of Congress and 99% of the news media calls you a fucking “racist”.

    And many of the people pumping money into AIPAC to pump into Congress to ensure Israeli border security likely couldn’t give a rat’s fucking ass about US border security.

  4. Taqiya. Nothing more, nothing less. Typical lying muzzie.

    She will do her best to turn our country into the $h!t-hole one she came from.

  5. She should be removed from any committee, any committee. Let her sit there and yak, with no power whatsoever, just a vote. Same with Ocrazio Cortez from Da Bronx and the other ugly muslim.

    Wall or nothing. Build the fucking wall. Drive these people out. The illegals I mean. Welcome the legals and help them assimilate.


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