Ilhan Targets, Plans to Visit Israel

It was a busy week for Israel-hating representative, Ilhan Omar (Elmi) – D MN. Not only did the freshman congresswoman declare her intention to bring a resolution  supporting the BDS movement against Israel to the house floor next week, but also declared her intention to visit the Jewish state with fellow anti-Israel squad member Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) some time in August. More

24 Comments on Ilhan Targets, Plans to Visit Israel

  1. I hope the bitch doesn’t make it out alive! Accuse her of jaywalking and stone her to death just like they would in her home country.

  2. Omar was welcomed back to Minnesota last night by a loud show of support – from the biased media who are just as disgusting as she is.
    Minnesota is where at least one 9/11 perpetrator learned to fly planes, but not learn to take-off or land. One of the instruction people saw something and reported it, but nothing was done.

    If Omar went out to learn to fly a plane without the take-off and landing part. Do you think the authorities would question her motives? That would be racist!

    That evil smile is scary.

  3. She goes to Israel, then bad-mouths the country while there & she’ll probably end up becoming a martyr for Islam.

  4. Remember “It’s all about the Benjamins” remark?
    Well I hope Israel’s Benjamin tells
    these two whores to phuck off. And do it on national television.

  5. Saxindacity: That’s not a smile, it’s an affliction. Or, as our very own Abigail A puts it, fake piety.

  6. I hope Netanyahu blocks them from going to Israel. If he does let them in don’t tell them where the bomb shelters are or what those sirens mean.

  7. I do hope Israel does the right thing and denies their entry to the country.
    Israel has their own terrorists to root out without inviting two more over.

  8. The Israeli’s will be chanting.
    “Send her back!”
    “Send her back!”
    “Send her back!”

  9. Wouldn’t it be ironic if a Hezbola rocket landed on her noggin while she’s there. Even Alaniss Morisette would agree.

  10. Israeli immigration control doesn’t permit entry to supporters and sympathizers of terrorist organizations, right? Can you say “CAIR” or “Hamas” or “Hezbollah” boys and girls? Israeli authorities shouldn’t let her off the plane, much less into the country.

  11. There were only a hundred people at her MN rally, probably just her cousins. Press is making such a big deal of it today. I hope every misguided lefty realizes the muzlims have many more relatives than we do.

  12. Put together a delegation of Jewish Congressmen to visit Saudi Arabia and let us know how it goes. The “White supremacist” may be as rare as the unicorn, but Muslim supremacists are thick on the ground.

  13. Who’s the.Boss? If Ocasio-Cortez cries at an American fence, then, inshallah, Omar-Elmi will go cry at an Israeli fence. The media gush is going to be nauseating. We’re saturated with the scowling cowling as it is.

  14. Bibi should let them come and he should meet them as they get off the plane. Because of his status, he will be surrounded by his security and because of the “delicate” nature of the two, there should be a strong show of force to *ahem* ‘protect’ them.

    They shouldn’t have one moment where they are not watched carefully and made to feel *ahem* ‘safe’. Any conversation they have is only with Bibi or the security detail. Show them all the great things about Israel and how Arabs, Jews and Christians get along nicely, thank you very much.

    As they are ready to board their plane back to the USA, Bibi should sweetly tell them that he hopes they enjoyed the visit and “will you finally admit that Jews are not evil?”.

    Don’t wait for their answer, just walk away grinning.

    Could you imagine how furious they would be!

    Sigh, glorious.

  15. Pair the two with the leftist Finnish MP Hussein Al-Taee and you’ll have the Muslim Three Stooges. He just returned from medical leave after his social media opinions came to light.

  16. How fake is this shit?

    In my best Bill Clinton voice as authorized by Dave Chappelle…

    Let me kiss that NEGRO baby! Smmmmmmooooottch!

  17. She should be provided with a private aircraft. Then some where over the atlantic the plane’s radios mal function and the pilots leave the plane and the fuel tanks explode and the Israelis then can blame it on the palestinians


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