I’ll bet he didn’t help clean up whatever comes out of a torn scrotum, either

Wife rips open her Romanian husband’s testicles with her bare hands after he refused to help with the housework on International Women’s Day

Marinela Benea, 40, tore off her husband's left testicle after he refused to do the housework on International Women's Day 
Marinela Benea, 40
  • Ionel Popa, 39, was rushed to hospital after his scrotum was torn open 
  • His wife Marinela Benea, 40, said she had not realised her own strength
  • But the mother-of-one added that he had ‘deserved’ the severe injury
  • Mr Popa remains in a stable condition while police investigate the attack

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29 Comments on I’ll bet he didn’t help clean up whatever comes out of a torn scrotum, either

  1. That reminds me of the time my wife didn’t wash the dishes, so I cut one of her tits off! Ha ha! What a good time!

    It’s ok, though – she deserved it.

    /sarc off

    fcuking psycho

  2. Another story about the Romanian’s not putting up with any shit. Remind me not to piss off a Romanian.

  3. She’s a “mother-of-one” and is now unlikely to be a mother-of-any-more-than-one, after ripping her man’s scrotum. Yikes!!

  4. Testicle opening versus scrotum ripping. To some there is a big difference. Scrotum really doesn’t have that much nerve, you can practically cut it with scissors and not feel much. Hit, hell, graze testicles and there’s a problem.

  5. A little more proactivity from the Mr. A glass of wine for her..and maybe a more neutral colored sweater would’ve gone a long way..

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