I’ll Pass. Thank You.

h/t RightWingFeather.

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  1. The fanatics are flat curvers.

    They belong to the Flat Curve Society.

    They belong in a mental institution.

  2. You can find them by the hundreds grazing away on Cher Bono’s pubic hair. She’ll be more than happy to continue sharing.

  3. There is only one place where the chinese virus and economic disaster are residing and proliferating.

    That is places where democrats are in charge.

  4. Fauci the fraud can’t bring himself to say that hydrochlo-whateveritis is being accepted by doctors all over the world, BUT
    he readily accepts those bullshit models where the numbers are literally being pulled out of someone’s ass and bear ZERO resemblence to reeality.

    “As the therapeutic efficacy of hydroxychloroquine becomes more and more provable, the left gets more and more hysterical. They have bet the farm on COVID-19 as a means preventing President Trump’s re-election and then this old malaria drug appears on the scene.”

  5. The next time I wear a mask, I’ll be banging one of the girls working the street outside my office here in Hunts Point.
    It’ll be for her pleasure, not mine.

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