I’ll Take Bible Knowledge For $1000, Alex

How well do you know the Bible?

I was running about 55% before I gave up. There are 40 questions.

See how you do.


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  1. I surprisingly scored a 31 out of 40. The 8/9 I missed were all in The Old Testament. I always joke that “I can’t quote anything verbatim out of Ecclesiastes but I can quote verbatim lyrics off of ‘Women And Children First.'”

    It shows.

  2. 55% here. Man I feel bad about that. It was the kings that tripped me up and about 7 of them I knew the answer and talked myself out of it. Wrong is wrong though.

    It was mostly OT stuff, only missed 2 or so in the NT.

  3. I scored 34/40.

    I was trying to go too quick – I should have paid more attention – kind of disappointed in myself – there were at least 3 wrong answers I should have gotten correct. Oh well.

  4. 33/40. Stupid song of Solomon distracted me. Congrats Eugenia. You should be the go-to for any biblical questions on iotwreport

  5. I did 9/40. (I’m pretty good on plagues and disasters…. ) ….of course, I’ve always thought of the Bible in a rather broad brush way, with a nice pastel patina…. ….light on the details.

    …..Lady in Red

  6. C’mon people! Is it my age? Partial Southern upbringing? Huh?

    Didn’t anyone ever play the Bible cracking game? Go to Bible verse competitions? Any PK’s here? Yoo hoo, Baptists come out of the closet.

  7. No, but we did play “Mass” and made Hosts outta wonder bread,
    we used a kitchen glass to make them circular.
    We should talk about confessions.Probably going to hell for sure now.

  8. Eugenia, i spent my youth totally immersed (punny, that) flannel board stories, knowledge bowls, youth groups, Bible camps, Sunday morning, Sunday evening, wednesday evenings, revivals, special evangelists, traveling minstrels, *whew* in AoG, and i even listened sometimes. Then, a few years sowing wild oats, then back serving the King again.

    But I still didnt get 100%. But i did miss a couple i shouldnt have.

  9. 12/40, which is about 10 more than I thought I’d do…
    I’d probably do better on a Linux Bible test, sigh.

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