I’ll tell you wtf?

The law should be if a group, or an individual, intentionally stops your car, it is deemed unlawful detainment and you should be able to use deadly force.

Don’t block traffic and you won’t get run over. Simple.

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  1. Better call the police.

    “The law should be if a group, or an individual, intentionally stops your car,”

    It’s kidnapping, being held against your will.

  2. MJA… “Why you would play chicken with a car is beyond me”….because she identifies as a Duramax diesel….

  3. I will slow down to let them move, but if I’m threatened by anyone, all bets are off. I will drive as needed to get to safety.

  4. FerFal’s recommendation when driving in Argentina during the civil breakdown: NEVER STOP YOUR CAR! Learn how to drive in reverse. Avoid roadblocks. Don’t stop for road signs or red lights. If there is any kind of blockage that you can’t avoid, barrel through. ‘Nuff said. Stay safe, folks!

  5. They think it’s like in cartoons where they get flattened and then somebody comes and peels them off the ground and shake them out back to 3 dimensions.

  6. First mistake, not putting the pedal to the metal.
    Second mistake, stopping.

    And anyone who believes you can calm/rationalize with the mob, doesn’t remember Reginald Denny. Of course he was the first white-guilter. Thought he’d join the mob in solidarity over Rodney King, and for that they rearranged his face.

  7. I was working crowd control at the Concord Naval Weapons Station back in the late 80’s during the Gulf War. I was there when Brian Wilson went legless, playing chicken with a train.

    The train was going like 5 MPH and Brian just knew that the train would stop once he splayed himself across the tracks, after-all, these kids were told by their gender studies professor that they are all special and deserving of being respected and listened to…………..idiots.


  8. If this is the truck hauling a horse trailer video that I saw yesterday. I can’t watch again. The rioters threw something flammable into the trailer and badly burned one horse and injured the other. Horrible. This was what I had read on Twitter anyway.

  9. So some asshole cop murders a black man in Minneapolis by kneeling on his neck and suddenly this driver from another state needs his safety put in danger because some fat harpy thinks he needs to be woke? This kind of logic is a new form of an incurable mental illness. One would be way better off with paranoid schizophrenia. 🤪

  10. Country won’t survive this without response in kind.

    24 hour amnesty period to turn themselves in, then shot on sight. Make examples, send the message. They want the old west? Give it to them before citizens do.

  11. That guy must be a hell of a cook, cuz ya gotta break some eggs to make an omelette. To quote an often repeated lefty phrase.

  12. Stupid is as Stupid does.
    I still want to hear a reporter ask,”How many took time of work to be here today?”
    Floyd George is still alive somewhere. FBI informant maybe. At no time did the EMS attempt CPR. After years on the rescue squad, that would have been the first thing. CPR until hand off in the ER.
    Also “Random piles of bricks” There was a plan in place, somewhere.

  13. Locally, the idiots marched down Main St., blocking traffic (illegally). No violence, luckily. A motorist (who had every right to be on the road) drove thru the mob. No one was injured, but incredibly, the cops are looking for the MOTORIST, not the organizers of the illegal march thru town.

  14. That’s a handy tip. All you have to do is put your back against a truck grill and you can push it, and the giant trailer it’s hauling , to a complete stop.

    Wait…..wait…….. forgot to carry the one.

    Gonna’ have to review the tape a few more hundred times to see where she messed up.

  15. Once the grown-ups show up, you better smartin’ up!

    I’m buying you breakfast, trucker buddy, at the Truck Stop in the early morning before you head further down the road, South, to feed our hungry kin.

    God Bless Our Country.

    Ain’t gonna hep them that wants to dig their way to Hell!

  16. Why are these people trying to drive through a rabid mob. Don’t be stupid and take another route or wait for the route to clear, even if it doesn’t clear until the next day. This isn’t the 1950’s – Smartphones, GPS, Facebook, etc. No excuse for putting yourself in harms way. Apparently, the cops will ticket the motorist if they drive through these “protester” hijacked roads.

    Family, friends, and associates should understand these leftist mob zombies have created an emergency situation. Appointments can be rescheduled and the trip to the grocery store can be postponed.

  17. “Why are these people trying to drive through a rabid mob.”

    To be fair, golden opportunities like that rarely present themselves.

  18. 99th Squad Leader, with an attitude like yours, we’ll be looking for number 100 soon…..

  19. Doesn’t she look like the fat chick from ghostbusters trying to hold back criticism of that movie?

  20. A few more of these and the stupid protestors might think twice about trying to stop vehicles . . . NAH!

  21. The police should not have to put up with that. Just 3 years ago there was a video of some Antifa punks trying to stop a bus in, I think, NYC. The police moved in and knocked their heads and kicked their asses.

    Why are the police so pussified these days?

  22. @ 99th,
    I usually agree with your thoughts on many subjects. Love you really. But I am in the process of moving all of my belongings (including 7 vehicles) from VA to SC, a 920 mile round trip twice per week for the last month and will continue until all my stuff is there. I am not using GPS nor any of the other accoutrements you suggested, just driving up and down 95….. better not be any idiots blocking 95.

  23. Something leftists have a hard time understanding – Keep your filthy hands off of anything that does not belong to you.

  24. You’re probably right, Aaron Burr. Some people don’t have any excitement in their lives. Driving thru a crowd of lunatics – the thrill of “doing it for the views”.

    Crackerbaby, thanks for your comments. Sometimes, I get frustrated. It just seems foolish to risk your vehicle destroyed or being beat to death on the highway by these fools. Guess who goes to jail if you hit a “protester”? Not worth the aggravation. I’m just saying, use wisdom.

  25. sorry officer, (insert tears) I just panicked and got the pedals mixed up, (more tears and add sniffles) I thought they were going to kill me.

  26. It is fairly boring out here in rrrrurul America…. a little excitement goes a long way.

    However, I wouldn’t drive my truck through a crowd of lunatics. It’s a classic.

    I would drive a 7 foot tall diesel dually towing horses through a crowd of lunatics though. Although it is true I think most horses are stupid and lazy…. they are horses, and therefore, better than people.

    Also, my 390 would be the equivalent of attacking a crowd with a katana. A big diesel dually is like a joe biden shotgun on wheels.

    But I see your point. No reason to go looking for trouble. But sometimes….sometimes trouble comes looking for you. Better to be in a big truck than all alone with a sword.

  27. BTW, Crackerbaby, be safe traveling back and fourth on 95. Godspeed and I hope your relocation is everything you hoped for.

  28. Burr- You know damn well you’d weld that sword to the front of your truck and hit the gas. lol. [pointy end out]

  29. MJ….. that would put the highly sought after ‘patina’ of my truck at risk.

    Besides, I’ve moved on to spray painting horses with provocative messages to vex the peta crowd.

  30. The law refers to this as an Obstruction of any highway, railroad track or public utility right-of-way, sidewalk, navigable waters, other public passage, whether alone or with others, commits a summary offense, or in case he persists after warning by a law officer, a misdemeanor of the third degree.
    Every state and every city has obstruction laws. I have been using these codes myself in a complaint against neighbors who are blocking not only my front door entrance but the road leading up to my house.
    The law becomes more serious if the person or persons causing the obstruction are intoxicated. California will arrest and give 6 months in jail for such a charge.
    The word “obstructs” means renders impassable without unreasonable inconvenience or hazard according to the law.

  31. Hmmm. Stenciling COVID19 on a bunch of rats and letting them loose somewhere en mass might be fun….

    TRUMP 2020 on rabbits….

    This idea has legs…. seems more fun than gluing hatz on pigeons.

  32. That’s a shame. Too bad he didn’t also take out the bitch who kept screaming “WTF, WTF” over and over.

  33. Thanks, MerryMouse for that link. Basically, confirms what I was getting at – if, you can, pick your battles and consider the cost.
    However, with nothing to lose and no way out, given the opportunity all bets are off. Go for it!

    BTW, thumbs up, Chris Brown. Very clever. LOL!

  34. 99th Squad Leader,
    They were coming home from a rodeo, the trailer had barrel horses in it. These thugs suddenly decided to block the interstate, so unless you were watching live feed of the shit going on that night you had no way of knowing, by the time he was on the highway and realized what was going on it was too late. It’s not like you can just make a u-turn, they ran up on the bridge, where they decided to block the road at.

    There was a car in front of him, black woman driving and they let her through. He though according to what many of the thugs are saying on social media was a rich white bastard with a new truck and fancy horse trailer and deserved what he got. Not exactly true about the white part, he or his wife one are at least part Indian because they had a Cherokee Nation tag. Basically though the white thugs were going to make him pay for being white and being able to afford something nice.

    BTW, read on FB by a family member of theirs that one horse had to be put down and the other is injured pretty bad. The thing about horses is that would have spooked even the most laid back horse.

    The thugs on FB are also claiming he committed attempted murder because he was a rich white bastard who was slightly inconvenienced and they claim they were just peacefully protesting until he laid a gun on the dash. He should of just used the gun and floored the truck.

  35. A message from truckers on FB:

    Truckers Wall Of Shame TWoS


    THE AMERICAN TRUCKER will not be held hostage, threatened, robbed, or killed. We will not be a victim. We will not be this generation’s version of Reginald Denny. Every driver knows that name. Do you?

    We will defend ourselves everytime, up to and including, using our 80,000lb trucks and it’s 1,800 foot-pounds of torque to run you over.

    Cities where looting, rioting, and stopping trucks is happening…. You are hearby put on notice.

    Threaten, delay, attempt to stop a truck, we… The American trucker will consider that act as an attack on our lives. We will defend ourselves, our equipment, and our load.

    Food, medicine, hospital supplies, gasoline, and a million other daily items we deliver to your cities ARE A-POLITICAL. Everyone needs them, including your dumbass. We don’t “need” to come to your lawless city. YOU NEED us to deliver your food and supplies to your city.

    We drivers have social media too. If your city becomes too chaotic and violent. Becomes too unsafe for us… Word will spread very quickly amongst the 3.5 million truckers. We will stop delivering to your city. Period. No driver will travel into a city that reminds us of scenes from a “Mad Max” movie.

    Threaten an American truck driver while he’s working and it will take you, and your city, down a path where YOU WILL LOSE.

    Take a moment and seriously think: Do you really want to risk your doctor NOT having the supplies he needs to save you while in surgery? Do you really want to stop the medicines keeping your kids and parents alive?

    Keep your silly shit off the US Interstate and US highway system. Congregating in the roadway will only get you run over. Having people standing and blocking the highway is a threat to our physical safety and we will respond appropriately to your attack. Standing in the roadway is NOT a protest. It is an attack on our safety. Air horns will sound, steering wheels will be held tightly, but those brakes will not be touched. You will move, or you will die. 80,000 pounds at 70mph will win every time. STAY OUT OF THE ROADWAY.


  36. This guy has horses I bet he knows guys that have 2000 lb rodeo bulls. Time to load a dozen bulls in the backs of trailers and go to the next protestor riot an turn the goring machines loose.

  37. Old Racist White Woman. First of all, I think what happened to that trucker is heart breaking. He truly was victimized by these leftist criminal gangs – so called, “peaceful protesters”, absolutely at no fault of his own. The trucker should sue the criminals who destroyed his property and horses immediately.

    Today, it has become critical to follow the advice, “Forwarned is forarmed”. Using live feed on a phone etc. is essential, now that thugs are hijacking roadways. They’re going to continue this tactic all summer.
    All I’m saying is just be prepared.

    No disagreement with any of your comments and the trucker’s comments. Just note this quote helps make my point;

    “We drivers have social media too. If your city becomes too chaotic and violent. Becomes too unsafe for us… Word will spread very quickly amongst the 3.5 million truckers. We will stop delivering to your city. Period. No driver will travel into a city that reminds us of scenes from a “Mad Max” movie.”

    BTW, the trucker of course, did the best he could in a horrific situation. Praying he and his family can recover from this tragedy.


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