illary clinton reacts to Manhattan bombing (Video)

And manages to stay upright during statement:



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  1. The sadistic wretch is very ill and is pacing herself.

    Note the monotone delivery….best guess is that she had a full blood transfusion sometime between 9/11 and 9/16.
    Don’t scoff. That is what the filthy elites and their masters do.

    Truth is that she continues to decline each and every moment.

    There will be more ‘episodes’ over the coming weeks.

  2. At the beginning of the campaign, I kept predicting Bill would die of a “heart attack” so she would get the sympathy vote. Now, I’m not sure she will even make it to election day.

  3. FWIW the MSM is wishcasting that Trump is losing his discipline…

    “Trump is spending the weekend under fire for comments about Hillary Clinton that seem to invite violence against her, fighting with the media, and engaged in a dispute with a former Republican defense secretary — all on top of a revival of the “birther” issue involving President Obama.”

    So he’s got himself in sunk deep all that trouble, and he’s just beeding discipline. Picking fights and eing a bully. Got it.

    “Eric Schiffer, an independent political consultant, said Trump seems to revert to more aggressive form whenever he is doing well and his polls are up: “Something happens, and he seems to lose the discipline that has helped him.”

    So he’s kicking ass, and the discipline is just draining away from him. Picking fights and being a bully. Got it.

    Losing his focus and discipline. Remember that. It will be the narrative for Trump this coming week.

    The elites are pissed off and scared. You might even say they’re losing focus and discipline. But their projection is like a laser.

  4. Good Lord!

    I heard her comments on the radio and thought her speaking voice was lacking in enthusiasm.

    Seeing the video, I now can say why: She is absolutely CATATONIC. She can barely keep her eyes open!

    If this is what three days of campaigning do to her (she got back in the saddle on Thursday), there’s no way she can do the debate. Look for her to ask for a postponement or an outright cancellation. Sum ting VERY wong here.

  5. in other moronic news,de blasio believes the bombing to be intentional

    you can’t make this shit up, imbeciles are in charge

    arm up and pray

  6. “in other moronic news,de blasio believes the bombing to be intentional”

    All the Libs are using “Intentional”. It was explained by some fruitloop Lefty on FOX this morning. After the last “Who is still offended” meeting it was determined that Terrorist Attack is offensive to terrorists. So now they’re calling it intentional as opposed to an act of nature I guess. And you are right, you just can’t make this shit up.

  7. Wow! She makes heroin addicts seem hyper. Hellary is so medicated she’s in a stooper. Between the med side effects, epileptic seizures, bathroom breaks and uncontrollable coughing the first and most likely only debate, is going to be very entertaining.

  8. Geezus hill, party on girl! How many Jack Daniels and/or cervezas did she have on board? and mixed with what kinds of different meds? She definitely had one on. The old evil witch was wasted. What an inspiration, and role model, to our young people who want to become future loser wastoids and drug addicts.

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