Illegal alien accused in DUI death of Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson – IOTW Report

Illegal alien accused in DUI death of Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson

Washington Times: The man accused of killing an NFL player and another man in a DUI-related crash Sunday morning is a Mexican immigrant whom authorities are trying to deport, according to charging documents.

Police say 37-year-old Alex Cabrera Gonsales drove a black Ford F-150 pickup truck onto the emergency shoulder along Interstate 70 around 4 a.m. Sunday, plowed into a ride-share vehicle, and killed Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson and 54-year-old Jeffrey Monroe of Avon.  MORE

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  1. What will BLM have to say about this? Is Indianapolis a sanctuary city? Do you think the black community will ever wake up and realize that they are possibly the most aggrieved groups of people when it comes to measuring the impact of illegal aliens invading our country?

  2. So sad that illegal killed 2 Americans before he was deported. None of us are safe from the same happening to us.

  3. MSM: “the poor Gonsales, living under the cloud of deportation this administration has been casting on all immigrants, had resolved to drinking in order to survive…”

  4. No Worries. The NFL is in full support of the progressive agenda. A few negros must be sacrificed along the way towards liberal utopia.

  5. @FarmWife February 5, 2018 at 10:47 am

    > If Pelosi or Schumer had a child killed by a day dreamer think they’d change their stance?

    That’s not who they are.

  6. Deported 2 times with different names from Guatemala and I want to no we’re is black lives matter, nanny pelosi and the rest of the Socialist DEMS . I hope is family go crazy and this . Is mother needs to go to the news and get busy with this. Shit this is crazy when you lose a son or daughter is bad , but when you lose your child to a criminal illegal aliens is horrible.

  7. Such a shame. Had this happened in Cali, he would’ve had a legal DL and responsibly bought auto insurance. /s

  8. “Operation WetBack” cut government spending significantly 63 years ago. Resulting in much lower inflation (it actually had a minus sigh(-) 3 of the 4 following years and reducing the national debt. Because the budget actually ran a surplus. And there was no welfare for criminals when Ike was President.

    Building a REAL wall and deporting 11,000,000 (about the same % as Ike’s 3.5% of people in America in ’54.) criminals would have an even more beneficial effect on the American economy and American workers today because of all the different forms of well fare criminals get today. Some forms of post ’01 welfare are avail label only to criminals. eg. Free Tuition at government supported schools!

    Dreamers broke many laws to be in America. They worry not about breaking a few more! Dreamers are not the only reason we went from 4 years of lowering the debt (’97 – ’01) to 16 years of more and more debt (’02-’18). But they are a very major cause of our poverty.

    Ike was right! And Operation WetBack did make for “Happy Days” for Americans. Not so much for the rest of the world.
    But I am an American, my Kida + grand kids are Americans. The American p[overty generated the last 17 years hurts my family; and their future! When America is debt free; then I will worry about taking care of the rest of the world.

  9. @joe6pak – “What will BLM have to say about this? Is Indianapolis a sanctuary city?”

    No, but they wanted to be one and failed to get the legislation passed. Doesn’t mean their stupid leftist city council won’t try again. Now there’s another jackwagon in Gary, IN (basically a suburb of Chicongo) determined to make Indiana a $15/hour shithole.

    If a burger-flipper’s wages are basically tripled, costs will go up PROPORTIONALLY the same percentage or more, and no-skill starting workers are priced right out of the market. I guess college graduates with worthless degrees in black pangender feminist studies need to do SOMETHING with them.

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