Illegal Alien Acquitted for Kate Steinle’s Murder Deemed Mentally Ill, Unfit to Stand Trial for Gun Charges

Breitbart: The seven-time felon, five-time deported illegal alien acquitted for 32-year-old Kate Steinle’s murder in 2017 will not stand trial on federal gun charges after a California court has deemed him mentally ill.

Following Steinle’s 2015 killing on a pier in San Francisco, illegal alien Jose Garcia Zarate was charged with her murder after being caught on surveillance footage running from the shooting. After his arrest, Zarate admitted to shooting and killing Steinle, who was walking on the pier at the time with her father, saying he chose San Francisco because it was a sanctuary city that shields criminal illegal aliens from arrest and deportation by federal immigration officials. read more

17 Comments on Illegal Alien Acquitted for Kate Steinle’s Murder Deemed Mentally Ill, Unfit to Stand Trial for Gun Charges

  1. RickeyG
    FEBRUARY 19, 2020 AT 5:28 AM
    “Pardon my cynicism, but I have to wonder how much he was coached to say the right things to get that result?”

    …doesn’t take much. There’s three simple questions for medically defined orientation, and all you have to do is tank on one.

    ….of course, I’ve taken psychotic people to the hospital under Police red tag, too, and seen them get out before I complete my paperwork because psychotic is not equal to stupid, so they know the answers whether they are sane or not, and the shrinks don’t care, they get to check a box and get paid, so go thou forth and sin some more…

  2. I don’t need to observe from 30,000 feet to see what’s going on.

    How many people in the govt cog have illegals like Zarate kept employed over the years? Think about the progression just from his 5-6 deportations alone. Border Patrol, ICE, detention centers, immigration judges, transport back to the border.

    Then when he breaks the law in the interior….police, jail staff, court staff, wash-rinse-repeat.

    Steinle: how much has this case cost taxpayers?

    Yes, illegals are parasitic cash cows.

  3. California Court. If the Feds were charging him why the hell didn’t they get his ass out of this state? Stupid move. No justice for Kate.

  4. what’s it take to be jailed for the actual crimes you committed?

    I don’t know but if your a supporter of conservatives in office you can be jailed just for your opinions!

    beat up on the street even!

  5. He didn’t need to be coached on what to say. They’d already decided they were not going to prosecute and declaring him mentally unfit was the way to justify it.

  6. bill
    FEBRUARY 19, 2020 AT 7:35 AM
    “what’s it take to be jailed for the actual crimes you committed?”

    …be a Trump supporter. That’s ONE crime they WON’T forgive.

    …ask Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, and General Flynn how THAT works…

  7. The filthy dirtbag murdering illegal foreign invader was sane enough to go to sanctuary city San Francisco for care and comfort, but then again the filthy dirtbag, murdering foreign invader was insane enough to go to sanctuary city San Francisco inhabited by low life half human cretins who shit everywhere they live, eat, walk and sit!

  8. If you seek justice in this world, you’re a fool.
    This guy could kill the governor and get off (not like that).

    Like Rodney King, no cop will touch him.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. There will be no true justice for Kate Steinle and her family outside of God. She was unjustly murdered, this whole decision sucks and this murderer will not escape God’s justice on him when he dies. She deserved to live and get married and raise and have a family, this scumbag deserves nothing but death.

  10. After ICE released 375,000 illegals into the country last year, I’ve got news for you all: the whole country is now a sanctuary state, and has been for 50 years.

  11. Was this the same guy that made up a story about shooting at some sea life and missed and then said he found the gun wrapped up in a shirt and when he picked it up it went off and hit her in the head? Where’s the nearest tree? Sounds like he knew what he was doing.


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