Illegal Alien Found Not Guilty of Homicide in Kate Steinle Trial


Jurors have found a Mexican man not guilty of murder in the killing of a woman on a San Francisco pier in a case that touched off a national immigration debate.


The jury reached the verdict Thursday in Kate Steinle’s death.

Jose Ines Garcia Zarate had been deported five times and was wanted for a sixth deportation when Steinle was fatally shot in the back in 2015. Garcia Zarate didn’t deny shooting Steinle and said it was an accident.

Before the shooting, the San Francisco sheriff’s department had released him from jail despite a federal immigration request to detain him for deportation.

Its “sanctuary city” law limits cooperation with U.S. immigration authorities.

President Donald Trump cited the case during his campaign in a bid to show the country needed tougher immigration policies.


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47 Comments on Illegal Alien Found Not Guilty of Homicide in Kate Steinle Trial

  1. Kaliphornia, particularly San Fran (& most any other democRat jurisdiction) has declared open-season on white people

    understand this … burn it in your brains …. survival depends upon it

  2. Fuck that. Ruling is OJ level bullshit. You know the number 1 thing my fear is when rightfully pulling the trigger? The law, because my life is fucked from that point forward. Yet an illegal…. oh damn, I quit.

  3. … not even guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter, or Illegally Discharging a Weapon

    US ‘Justice’ system totally fucked up

  4. This does help our side ladies and gentlemen… Its stories like this that blow up the old medias narrative generator.

    Fun times, /Salute

  5. Fine, it’s a sanctuary city and he’s ben found not guilty of any crime. ICE should refuse to pick him up and the cops have to be forced to let a known murder go free.

  6. HORRIBLE. I feel so bad for her family. HE admitted to shooting the gun. I don’t understand how he could be found ‘Not Guilty’.

  7. Well guys, I know a good place to start with this travesty.
    Shut off the Federal spigot to California NOW! Everything, lock, stock, and barrel.
    I do NOT want my tax dollars funding anymore of their Politically Correct, Crazy-Jerry, Socialist, Communist shit that flaunts the laws of the land, our government and humanity! Not only that but just a portion of those savings will more than pay for The Wall! The Big One might someday bless us with the ability to fish off the coast of Arizona, but I ain’t countin on it. In the mean time I shouldn’t have to pay for it!!!

  8. Rich Will,
    No need to fix your comment. It conveyed the frustration and anger that we are all feeling.
    So fucking mad we can’t type staright~!~~

  9. We’ve played by the rules and found the rules fatally flawed. It now falls to individual citizens to exact a measure of justice for this error. A duty not to be relished, but reluctantly executed for want of leadership.

  10. I am watching the local news. Three things stand out to me.

    1) The jury went out through a back exit, not the normal one that they had been using in order to avoid the press.

    2) The names of the jurors are going to be sealed.

    3) The local news is showing reactions from locals. They can’t find one who agrees with the verdict.

  11. ICE will deport the murderer and he’ll be back in San Francisco within two months walking freely and collecting benefits.

    MY Lord, be with this young lady’s family.

  12. You know what BS…….nothing will happen. Something should happen, but we have gutless Repugnicants who don’t do a damn thing. We should riot, but most will just grit their teeth and stay pissed. Hopefully the number of the pissed continues to grow……

  13. Now the family needs to slap the SF City Counsel, Police Chief, and Police Department with the biggest Wrongful Death Civil Suit ever. Had they not ignored the ICE retainer Steinle would still be alive. Oh and throw in the idiot that lost his gun, and that agency too.
    Unfortunately the round that killed Steinle was a ricochet. Hard to prove intent.

  14. The more this crap happens,
    The more some people might think
    vigilante justice is warranted.

    The black neighborhoods have felt this way and
    acted it out for decades.

    What if the majority adopts the same idea ?

  15. Why didn’t they add ‘not calling someone by their preferred gender’ to the charges? He’d have gotten a lot of time for that alone.

  16. Oh, just so y’all know, if an illegal does anything to you in San Francisco be it robbery or murder, they won’t be charged. So maybe let your home state officials know so they can put out a warning.

  17. “The tourism industry generated $738 million in taxes and fees for the City of San Francisco in 2015.”

    Hey, I have an idea.

  18. Outrageous! Hopefully some good will come of this. Build the wall!
    Shut the borders tight for a while. Get rid of all the Obama liberal judges. Defund the sanctuary cities and hold the government officials there responsible for being accomplices for all the crimes they allow, including murder!
    Make them pay for the lawyers they need to defend them for their crimes and lawlessness, and hope the stupid liberals who voted for them there wake up!

    Sorry, I was only dreaming.

  19. Could you imagine if the person that shot Kate were a white, republican, and NRA member who accidentally dropped their gun and it discharged hitting her?

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