Illegal Alien Migrants Scuffle with Police as Caravan Reaches Mexico’s Southern Border

Videos show these people charging at officers and pushing the gates. Some of them hurling objects at them.

Breitbart: Mexican authorities managed to hold off approximately 1,000 Central American migrants who tried to force their way through its southern border with Guatemala.

A scuffle that went on for approximately one hour took place at the midway point of one of the ports of entry on the Suchiate River. Migrants initially tried to force their way through the international boundary. According to Mexico’s Revista Proceso, Mexican National Guard troops and immigration officials using riot shields managed to hold the line and close the gates as the migrants tried to force their way in.

[…] During the scuffle, Mexican officials kept telling the migrants that they would only allow entry to those seeking to claim asylum or seek another immigration status in Mexico. According to Proceso, after an hour of scuffles, the group calmed down and authorities began allowing 20 migrants at a time to enter Mexico to claim asylum.

As Breitbart Texas reported, earlier this week, Mexico’s top officials announced they would provide transit visas or other forms of passage for migrants looking to reach the U.S.-Mexico border. Mexican authorities would only allow entry migrants looking to obtain legal status in Mexico. read more

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  1. I thought Mexican and U.S. border security were getting to the bottom of who is funding these organized hordes. What’s the deal?

  2. The Never Ending Invasion looking for those perpetual and Unbelievable, LeNCurrier (fill in the blank) $98 an hour jobs we read about every hour,or so, no doubt. It’s HUGE!!


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