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Illegal Aliens Commit Violent Crimes at Higher Rates Than Texans

Texas Scorecard:

As President Joe Biden’s open border policies continue incentivizing illegal border crossings, the Center for Immigration Studies analyzed data from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), which has previously been used to claim illegal aliens commit fewer crimes than Americans, and found the opposite to be true.

“Illegal immigrants in Texas appear to be convicted of crimes such as homicide, sexual assault, and kidnapping at higher rates than the state average,” says CIS. “By contrast, they appear to be convicted at lower rates for crimes such as robbery and drugs.”

However, CIS says a caveat to the “lower rates for crimes such as robbery and drugs,” is that lesser offenses carry shorter prison sentences and are lower priority for determining immigration status and deportation.

“The longer people with unknown status are in custody, the more likely it is that Texas will correctly ascertain their immigration status,” the report states.

According to CIS, “Due to delays in identification, the number of illegal immigrants arrested or incarcerated in Texas is undercounted at any given time.” more here

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  1. …I have a recurring illegal here who, as far as I know hasn’t done anything hideous but definitely WOULD pose problems for LEO to track even if they tried.

    This man has a very…distinctive…very Mayan featured face, worn by age and hard living, and I would find it hard to believe a kindly God made two of them at all, let alone senteced them to the same place.
    He has disappered and re-appeared over the years, kind of with the ebb and flow of the ease of border jumping, each time appeaeing with a different name and different Social Security number. In one iteration he came back as ‘Phil’ despite looking less like a Phil than Dr. Phil looks like a Mexican, so maybe he’s having fun with it. Each time, especially since he already knows people and the jobs its pretty common knowledge its the same guy, but from an HR perspective they are not allowed to connect those previous alts to the current one, or even suggest they might be, so he starts out with a fresh new employment history each time too.

    He’s not a bad guy from what I see, so he’s a relatively benign example, but if he DID kill people and rape children (like a Biden would), would it be unlikely that LEO can’t say if its the same guy or not as well? All they have to go by is a made-up name and backstory, and wherever he claims to come from won’t be any help.

    Another example of this is that these names can be confusing. There was a time that they wanted to fire a shift worker named “Amadou Diallo”, and had security stop him, route him to HR, and fired him and took his badge.

    Next day, much to the surprise of his boss, Amadou Diallo walks in.

    After burning down HR over it, they did the same thing and fired Amadou Diallo.

    Next day, much to the surprise of his boss, Amadou Diallo walks in.

    …third time was a charm and they finally got the RIGHT Amadou Diallo, but they had to reinstate the other 2 with apologies and back pay.

    The problem is, even playing straight, names can be unlike how we are used to them in English. In Muslim lands for example, “Mohammed” is a VERY popular name, but to avoid having mass confusion not EVERY male can be “Mohammad” (althogh quite a few ARE), so they go to phonetic variants like “Amadou”, “Mamadou”, “Mahomud”, and the like, some of which may or may not be transliterated properly into English. And “Diallo” is the “Smith” or “Jones” of Africa, further complicated by the fact they may actually be related, even inbred, and may ALSO live together in the same place so the address doesn’t help either.

    Now consider that in context of how many Jesús’ or Manuelas or Jorges there are, and whether or not some Autocorrect turns Isabella into Elizabeth, and it only gets worse.

    And then the Asian names.

    Vietnamese is a tonal language that Americans don’t usually get, so they generally like to either use bastard pronunciations that lead to transliterated misspellings, like “Nguyen” pronounced “Win” or “Wen”, or they may consider English pronunciations to be painfully insulting and just pick an American name to go by. My first bosses in a Formosan restaurant I washed dishes in were first-generation immigrants, and despite working there for YEARS I only ever knew them by their “Selected” names of Tim and Colleen. They used the place to bring family over…ONLY family was allowed to cook…and they got new names too, like “Mary” or “John”. They learned to answer to them, but no one ever belived those were there actual given names, especially since they used their REAL last names which didn’t flow well from the first one.

    …considering all this (and more), even if LEO actually WANTED to track these people (they don’t), how in the world WOULD they?

    Now add to that the fact that many have NO documents, and many MORE have unverifiable ones.

    The answer, now as then, in the words of President Trump, is “Close the borders until we can figure out what’s going on”.

  2. Happy I don’t live in Texas or Florida! I wonder how Californians who flocked to those two States this year feel about their new surroundings? My daughter and her husband were headed to Florida – they left 2 weeks ago to live there. Well, I think they did a U-turn. They might end up in Arizona. Wherever you go there you are, and politics change every 4 years.

  3. Different Tim, the funny thing about this statistic is that you can say with certainty that all illegal aliens commit crimes at a higher rate than Texas citizens because ALL illegal aliens have committed a crime by entering the USA illegally.

  4. Had they any respect for the law they’d not be here. Ike’s “O[eration Wetback” was a big success for “working” Americans because many costs went down after it: Insurance, hospital, deputies, courts, jails……

    GWB can say “They dont commit crimes” a million times; and on 1,000,001 it will still be a lie!

    late disclaimer
    3 high school teachers sent me to detention for saying Ike was an American hero; NOT A WHITE NATIONALIST! Biased i am.


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