Illegal-Friendly Program Shut Down By ICE

OAN Newsroom

ICE is doing away with a program for asylum-seeking illegals.

The “Family Case Management Program” had more than 600 families enrolled.

The program offers detainees counseling, immigration lawyers, housing, schooling, and health care.

The program reportedly cost the government 36 dollars per family a day.

Immigration activists say prioritizing deportation over assimilation for refugees does not consider the migrants fleeing from violence and poverty.

The last day of the program is Monday.

8 Comments on Illegal-Friendly Program Shut Down By ICE

  1. “the migrants fleeing from violence and poverty.”
    They aren’t fleeing it they are bringing it here with them.
    Explain to me, Why the people who support Sharia were fleeing Isis?

  2. On the one hand America sucks and needs to learn from the rest of the world. On the other hand illegal aliens are all refugees fleeing from oppressive tyranny to come to the land of opportunity.

    This isn’t hypocrisy on the part of the left, it is criminal intent to do harm to the United States of America in every way they can.

  3. “Loyalty pledges” and “Citizenship Oaths” are now considered passe.

    We need assimilation not aggressive immigration of 3rd world ideology/loyalty to oppression.

    Immigration vetting and counseling to say “either become a productive citizen or you will be deported – you get one chance.”

    And don’t let acorn or their ilk (Sorry Catholic Charities) run it.

  4. Well gee. How are democrats going to get new voters when one demographic gets deported, and another demographic kills off 500 a year just in south Chicago alone?

    Do we need to offer more money for democrats to create more welfare voters?

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