Illegal Immigrant Steals Valor of Deceased Veteran and Collects Benefits For Four Years

Scumbag, Rene Ortiz Quintana, from Phoenix, stole the identity of a veteran who died in 1994. He’s been collecting veteran’s benefits since 2012, jumping in line with people who sacrificed for this country, taxing an already stressed system.

IJ Review

[He] is now facing a slew of charges over his deception, including 7 counts of identity theft and 6 counts of forgery.

What’s more, authorities discovered that Quinata is not even a legal resident of the United States, having entered the country as an undocumented immigrant nearly 50 years ago.



That’s right, I’m a Neanderthal racist, bigot, Hispaniphobe. I want illegals deported. I’m nuts. I’m crazy.

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  1. Give this rat bastard scumbag the same status as the veteran he stole the identity of …….. deceased.

  2. these are the people mexico is sending for us to take care of

    he is one of many many many criminals who we protect and are afraid to stop from coming to the us

    that scar on his forehead was most probably caused by somebody trying to protect his shit

  3. Fur, you wrote: “That’s right, I’m a Neanderthal racist, bigot, Hispaniphobe. I want illegals deported. I’m nuts. I’m crazy.”

    Something that would really help change the debate in this country is to quit using, even sarcastically, the epithets thrown around by Leftists. As long as they define the terms of engagement, including the defining language, it legitimizes them.

    Of course WE all know we are none of those things for expecting law-breakers — and especially someone like this guy who is here illegally, steals the identity of an American hero, steals money out of tax-payers’ wallets (whether we can afford it or not, btw), and is an all-around anti-American crook — to be punished to the full extent of all those laws we American tax-payers already paid to pass and be enforced. Doesn’t make me or you any of the things the Left claims we are.

    I want to take back the conversation. And it looks like we’re doing it.

  4. The guy in NY that beat a perp to death with a tire iron has the right idea. That poor guy beat the guy after he tried to rape his wife. Now he is under arrest.

  5. My big wish is that Trump, not only appoints GREAT SCOTUS, but ALSO, to clean house of all the asinine, liberal appointed judges that is humanly possible to depose, along with all regulators and bureaucrats that have power to impose their will on the American people. CLEAN SWEEP of governance, lysol, peroxide, ozone – whatever it takes.

    Let’s add to that. I don’t want any anti-American group having or getting tax-exempt status. If they can’t pledge allegiance to the U.S. of A., then no tax exempt status.

  6. 1) Fuck this motherfucker.

    2) Send him back to his native country with a prominent tattoo reading REFUSED–RETURN TO SENDER.

  7. PJ why should ANY group have tax exempt status?
    If they make a profit, why shouldn’t they pay taxes on it?

  8. Hey, JohnS, just wanted to let you know that after all these months, I still haven’t read ANY of your silly posts. Also, I’m pretty fucking sure I’m NOT the only one not reading your drivel. The simple sight of your handle is enough to send me retching.

    I thought that was a much better way of saying FUCK YOU, rather than just saying FUCK YOU, JohnS.

  9. I disagree, Abigail.

    I take the Andrew Breitbart approach.
    I stipulate that I’m a Neanderthal, as they define it, and then ask, “and??”

    That’s how to take the power out of their assertions.
    What are they left with?

    I’m a racist as you see it… so?

    Forcing them to not call you something signals a fear of being called that certain something.
    I don’t fear it.

  10. Mr.Hat you have made it very clear to many here that you don’t want Trump people here, all you want is anybody but Killary people. Have fun with JohnS and all of his pals. Soon there will be a lot of them here. Why do you think so many long time commenters have not been around? they read but do not post a comment. You have let them attack us and call us vile names starting long ago. After they start a argument, when we come back with facts it only gets more bitter. It really is to bad you and the other owners of iOTW can’t get over your anger of Cruz losing. I will not and can not visit a blog where I have to defend myself as being a prog that is trying to take over your site. Have at it.

  11. Geoff, are you fucking kidding me right now????
    If we post something a little too friendly for Trump, we get bitched at.
    If it’s something not favorable about Trump, we get bitched at.

    Everyone,get the fuck over yourselves.
    We hate Hillary, period.

  12. Geoff, are you high??

    I don’t want Trump people here? What site have you been reading?

    >>”Have fun with JohnS and all of his pals.”>>

    I’m having a ball with the JohnS people. I’ve been arguing with them. Where have you been?

    Why do you think so many long time commenters have not been around? >>>

    I have no clue who these longtime commenters are that are no longer commenting.
    But if they do exist and they think it’s because I betrayed them somehow by not banning people then they’re not down with my beliefs and don’t belong here.

    Name these completely ball-less people that need me to step in and make things all sugary for them.
    I don’t ban people, I argue with them because I have the strength and the balls and the thick skin.
    If you don’t, oh well, I’ve failed you. You’re not tough enough.

    >>You have let them attack us and call us vile names starting long ago. After they start a argument, when we come back with facts it only gets more bitter. It really is to bad you and the other owners of iOTW can’t get over your anger of Cruz losing.>>>

    I’m angry because Cruz lost?? I can’t get over it?
    Are you talking to another BigFurHat that I’m not aware of?

    And just how many of these Cruz people are at iOTWreport that is scaring away the likes of you? 4, 5?

    We have Menderman, who is not abusive to anyone.
    We have JohnS, Loco, Meerkat… and …. that’s it.

    3 people running off my core longtime readers??

    You’re right, I am worthless, but for different reasons than you are citing.

    >>I will not and can not visit a blog where I have to defend myself as being a prog that is trying to take over your site. Have at it.>>

    I love going to sites where I have my beliefs challenged. Especially when I can never be banned.

  13. Fur, I don’t fear their words, either. And I can see your point. What I’m saying, though, is it’s time to put adult language back in the public square. It seems to me that as long as we’re willing to engage them using their language, it gives them a false legitimacy and perpetuates the idea that they have a leg to stand on. If we can just give them the scoffing wave off over their choice of language, all they’re left with is the hysterical hand waving. I don’t know — I’m just tired of listening to their worn-out hyperbole and smug BS about setting the narrative.

  14. Mr. fur you have been doing a fine job, and don’t think anyone could offend me enough to stay away. If I don’t comment it’s because I’m to lazy or don’t have anything that would help the argument or conversation.

  15. Loco I have been here much longer than you have, get your own name asshole. Fur my point is that Us Trump people have had to take shit from all comers go back and read the comments from Merrcat and JohnS calling us leftists. So if you want me to take the gloves off and get down in the gutter with them , will do. I still think you need to come out in full support of Trump not your anyone but killary stance.

  16. Loco,
    You didn’t do anything wrong. You’re just one of the few VERY vocal anti-Trump people. And you have every right to voice your opinion.
    I just pointed out to “Geoff’ that the anti-Trump people are in the minority on this site.

  17. Oh, Fur, It would have been helpful if I had said what inspired the thinking behind my first comment, above.

    Today at his presser for the vet fundraiser, Trump knocked the snot out of a guy from ABC who, apparently, was (also) responsible for writing hit pieces about Trump not handing the fundraising dollars out to the vet groups. I think there’s at least one commenter here who has echoed that myth. Anyway…it was pure magic to hear someone call out the media in a direct and specific way. It’s not a direct correlation, but it made me think that if we respond to people who are so casual about throwing around “racist” or “islamo- or Mexiphobe”, etc. by pointing out that they do that in order to bully the opposition and shut them up, then we’ve (like Trump) gone straight to questioning the premise instead of defending against the attack.

  18. Thanks for clearing that up Fur.
    Actually, I haven’t argued with anyone on this site regarding Trump for about two months now.

    Yes, I argue with Brad…because he is Brad, nothing to do with Trump.

  19. …and if you haven’t yet seen the press conference, do. It is a thing of beauty. A state legislator from NH, who is also a ‘veteran activist’ and a Marine Corp vet, himself, told the room full of liberal news people to stop using vets as political pawns and to get their heads out of their “butts.” Oh ho! Really quite wonderful.

  20. Lets see Loco were you over at Zilla’s durning the election when we all went over there. If fur says you all know what to do, what do you do?

  21. @Geoff C. the Saltine – If, as you say, you have been called names (like leftist) by those mean old Cruz supporters, perhaps it is because you exhibit leftist behavior, to wit:
    1) You have asked for at least one person to be banned here because they did not agree with you about Trump.
    2) You whine and complain about people being mean to you, then threaten to take your ball and go home.
    3) You practice projection; all the things you accuse non-Trump supporters of, you and your ilk have been guilty of.
    4) You insist that everyone come out in support of your guy.

    All of things smell like a leftist to me.

    Oh, yeah, 5) you spell your name like a leftist. Bite me.

  22. Touch a nerve here with all the anti Trump folks. Riverlife you are a grade A Pasco bitch. You always come in at the end of a thread and get your digs in.

  23. @Geoff c. the Saltine:
    Reasons 6 and 7 why Geoff C. the Saltine is a leftist (reasons 1-5 are above):
    6) He lives in uber-Progressive western Washington and looks down his nose at the hicks on the eastern, Conservative side of the state (I don’t live in Pasco, Btw)
    7) When he gets his panties in a bunch, he resorts to name-calling, i.e bitch.

    If I come it at the end of a thread it is because I read the blog and the end of the day, and don’t sit there all day long being a keyboard warrior.

  24. So I’m wondering, if you call yourself a conservative, but are stupid enough to back a candidate that has NO chance of winning in the general, what good are you doing the conservative movement. Exactly how are you moving the ball down the field. I see most of this type of attitude holy than though bull shit from people that’s income does not depend on the health of the economy. I guess that makes it a lot easier to be a zealot. Me, I like to eat and yea I participate in this shit economy.

  25. If you ask Cruz supporters on this site, ones who hate Trump, they’d say I was a Trumpster.
    Apparently they are still here, despite the fact that I tell them to get over it, it’s done, Cruz will not be the nominee, etc.

    According to a few Trump supporters on this site I’m a Cruz supporter, which is odd because I spend most of my time, when I’m in the comments, arguing with anti-Trump people, calling them out and trying to reveal to them their idiotic stance.

    I think my position on Trump is perfectly adequate and reasonable and proper.
    I’m voting for Trump, I’m looking forward to campaigning for Trump, I’m looking forward to arguing with NeverTrump.
    If you’re looking for a complete 100% all-in endorsement of Trump, in the style of the Stumping For Trump women, it’s not going to happen. It won’t happen with any candidate.
    I have never found a candidate that I’ve been in 100% agreement with. Never a one.

    iOTWreport has never existed under a right-wing administration.
    Many will be shocked to find out, after Trump wins, that we will be very vocal about any missteps.
    And we will be quick to point out and be very complimentary over successes.

    In short, it will be fair, with the eye on trying to push him rightward and calling him out if he moves leftward.

  26. It’s all about moving the ball. You are correct Brad.

    In 2012 I was brutal on Romney during the primary. I didn’t support his candidacy.
    When he won I backed him.
    I felt foolish because now I was backing a guy I said horrendous things about.
    I wouldn’t make that mistake again in 2016.
    Romney still advances the ball for the right.

    I bashed one candidate. Jeb.
    I bashed because Jeb was anointed the candidacy years ago, and I wanted to see if we were still in charge of this Republic.
    If Jeb was the nominee it doesn’t advance the ball. It would show that we had no control of the ball.

    Anyone that tries to say that Trump is not advancing the ball for the right is a moron.
    Even if he advances the ball but a few yards, it is a victory.
    If the ball doesn’t move at all, it is a victory, because you have to weigh ball movement against how far Hillary advances the ball to the left.

    Anyone that thinks Hillary is better than Trump is simply kicking the ball down field for the left and they are a dangerous dangerous friggin’ fool.

  27. Look fur I have been called a lefty 4 or 5 times in the last few days here, and I have had it with the anti Trump people. After spending hours at a Trump call center and then listening to the crap that is being said here about him i have had it. Sorry if I pissed you off.

  28. I guess I’d like to add the biggest problem with our country right now is the economy. And Obama shares the blame with a bunch of RINOs. You fix the economy watch a bunch of other problems fix them selves. Starting with the crime rate. When I compare a Trump to Paul Ryan, Romney, Turtle Boy, or any Bush, give me a break. He is a conservative. And more importantly a winner. Trump kicked ass today.

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