Illegals cross into the US, then open fire

American Mirror:

Don’t worry, America, it’s just more “poor, tired huddled masses yearning to breathe free” — not violent thugs breaking the law and flagrantly firing weapons for no good reason.

Surveillance video caught illegal aliens crossing the border into the US, then opening fire on the border wall in the Yuma Sector of Arizona.


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  1. M2, Browning. Effective firing range‎: ‎1,800 m (2,000 yd)

    Muzzle velocity‎: ‎2,910 ft/s (890 m/s) for M33 ball

    Rate of fire: 450–600 rounds/min (M2HB); 750–850 rounds/min (AN/M2); 1,200–1,300 rounds/min (AN/M3)

  2. I’m all for putting heads on pikes… but with the Browning it’s, “Put this shoe, and whatever the fuck this is on a pike.”

    “It’s gusshy, and keeps sliding off.”

    “Put it on a fucking pike!”

  3. Maybe since he brought a gun across the border the left may finally want to do something.

    But, then again, the left only wants to take guns from law abiding people.

  4. What should we expect? The democrat party is setting an example of lawlessness by ignoring our laws, and signalling to the illegals to come on in.
    And both parties NEVER punish the people who employ these people.

  5. Armed foreigners coming in willy nilly, while our troops are off protecting other foreigners in foreign countries. Washington has its main objective and reason of being screwed up. Vote them all out.

  6. I think all Democrats supporting open borders should have to spend the weekend (yes a getaway) on the border. No security, no cellphones and several miles apart. If they want, can bring all their comfy stuff so that the illegals can take it away a la Bernie style. They can also listen to the “fireworks” aka bullets piercing the air for entertainment.


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