Illegals demand guaranteed jobs from UC-Berkeley

Campus Reform:

A University of California, Berkeley student group recently blasted the school for trying to “take credit” for a student-led campaign on behalf of an illegal immigrant student detained by ICE.

Demanding more-concrete action from Chancellor Carol Christ, the group went so far as to insist that she ensure that all illegal immigrant students “have access to a job and other basic needs.”  read more

11 Comments on Illegals demand guaranteed jobs from UC-Berkeley

  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (inhale…)

    When I was at Cal, long ago, there was a protest scheduled against fee increases later in the week which would conflict with one of my classes. Some of the students asked if they could skip class to attend the protest, without any cost for missing class. Fortunately the professor had a clue, said they had to choose between attending class and getting credit or skipping it and losing credit.

  2. No problem; give’em a job cleaning up the shit left in the streets from the illegals.
    BTW- the college will rue the day they gave the students such control.


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