Illegals Exploiting Illegals

Daily Caller

Luis Bonilla-Hernandez, an illegal migrant from El Salvador, was sentenced to two years of prison on Friday for running a criminal sex operation right in the heart of the Washington, D.C., area.

For the past three years, the 33-year-old Salvadorian national would pay $300 to a supplier in New York to obtain new women each week and drive them to customers throughout northern Virginia. The women, picked up at the same bus station in Washington, D.C., each week, spoke little to no English, and were specifically catered to Hispanic clients.

Bonilla-Hernandez advertised their services on cards for automotive services, promising a sexual encounter for $30. The victims would be driven to customers’ homes Monday through Saturday, and then swapped out when a new woman arrived at the Greyhound bus station on Sunday. More

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  2. Of course. People are exploited by those closest to them.
    Warring tribes selling other tribes’ members into slavery.

    The likelihood of being killed or assaulted by a family member.

    The fact that illegals are victimized by their fellow illegals so police departments don’t enforce the laws so that victims will “come out of the shadows” and trust them.

    It’s all whitey’s fault at the end of the day if you want to cut to the chase.

    That guy who murdered Juanita and raped the kid on the way to the bus stop? Wouldn’t have done it if they were all shrouded in the loving light of Amnesty.

    So the rapist just really highlights your inhumanity.

    Think about it. I haven’t.

    /typical leftard


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