Illhan Omar on Republican Voters: “Ignorance Really is Pervasive” in the Country

Bongino: Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) slammed Republican voters for their “ignorance” yesterday, claiming they have a “misconception” about the refugee resettlement program in the United States.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that Omar was speaking to podcast host John Nichols, and said Republicans “are really good at misinformation and sort of really reorganizing facts to sort of paint a picture that really eventually is not rooted in facts.”

She went on to explain the resettlement program, saying “There are agencies that run the resettlement program. This is a process that’s run through them. If you end that contract, it’s not that refugees are not going to be resettled, it’s that the state just doesn’t get informed. And so the only leverage you have is that you are part of this contract and you can be part of the negotiations on how many people get resettled in your state.”

She continued, claiming Republicans use programs like the ones that resettle refugees to “stir up hate and division.”

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34 Comments on Illhan Omar on Republican Voters: “Ignorance Really is Pervasive” in the Country

  1. Not as much as the ignorance pervasive in the land you grew up in sweety. Unless living like it is 10BC is ok with you. All this from a woman who married her brother.

  2. You and your muzzie friends are the ones stirring up hate and division.Get out of america now….

  3. We’ve been eviscerated by this intellectual titan. It’ll take some time for the sting to ease.
    Because she’s smart you know!

  4. @gin blossom – smart? Like Joe Biden smart? 🙂
    What really annoys me about her is her smugness. What was it she said to a guy a couple of months ago, accusing him of atrocities? He said emphatically ‘No!’ and she said ‘I’ll take that as a yes.’ Disgusting.

  5. In thie stupid, backward country, marrying your brother is illegal!!!

    Rep Omar…
    Stupidity is rampant in areas electing foreign born representatives who don’t know their elbow from a hole in the ground about American government,
    Part of the problem has spread to rural New York state.

  6. She’s right except for the wrong reasons. The GOP is the stupid party for sure. They are made up of mostly productive citizens who continue to pay the taxes that fund the voter base for the left. What’s more stupid than funding your own destruction?

  7. Instead of our vital infrastructure being maintained, we’ve misspent billions of taxpayer dollars on assholes like you that hate our guts and want to take over our country.
    What is there I don’t understand?
    And if we’re so damned ignorant and hard to be around, there’s a sure remedy – they’d love your fat ass in Kanukistan, go there.

  8. Know what Wally?
    What’s that Eddie?
    For a chick that married her brother, she gives ‘Great Headdress’.
    Just ask Lumpy Rutherford AKA Little Joey Biden,,,,

  9. “And so the only leverage you have is that you are part of this contract and you can be part of the negotiations on how many people get resettled in your state.”
    The citizens of Minnesota had no part in how many of these ingrates who won’t assimilate or love this country were brought here. if there were Ilhan Omar would be sent back.

  10. Give her Sharia Law and stone her.

    Too bad that Raymond Redington is just a fictional character on the Black List. Dropping her out of a private Gulfstream w/o a chute would be satisfying.

  11. This from a woman who worships Satan, fools herself by calling him Muhammad? Wipes her butt with her left hand? Supports FGM? Is an inbred Musloid? And she thinks we’re not very smart?

  12. nothing like being called ignorant by a Neanderthal from the middle ages wrapped in a towel because she is told she is not equal to men….yeah that is who I want calling me ignorant….

  13. Don’t fergit about the Hate judge.
    she –
    Hates Jews
    Hates Christians
    Hates Atheists
    Hates Gays
    Hates dogs
    Hates bacon
    Hates wine
    Hates beer
    Hates booze
    Hates Wester Civilization
    Hates Western traditions
    Hates Western countries
    Hates Westerners
    It’s all about the Hate!

  14. Here’s a little game for you Ms. Oh-So-Erudite Omar. How many appropriate anagrams and acronyms can you make with any four letters in the English alphabet? I’ll give you one example – you can take it from there: FOAD.

  15. Yeah. Don’t think for a second that this woman is atupid. She knows exactly how to manipulate her base and gin up intramural strife, which is intentional and effective.

    Effective for the mentally impaired.

  16. She’s correct; there is a lot of sh*t for brains people in this country. They can usually be recognized by the diaper they wear on their head to keep the brain sh*t from running down their neck.

  17. Projection.

    And SHE is one to talk? SHE lives and worhsips within an everyday ‘Gaslighting’ religion.

    Think about why her a Tlaib ‘think, speak and project” the same way? This is who they are, this is who their parents are/were and WHO their grandparents were before them. It’s a cycle we have to deal with now.

    Jealousy and full of hate because they are stuck in an old historical period in their Old World.

  18. Not only that gen j glover, but they are pursuing ruthless world domination with their Master Religion fulfilling the wishes of their elder generation of Hitler’s Arabs.

  19. This is a woman that covers her head and does exactly what men tell her to do.. she’s useless

  20. Patience and birthrate.

    They have both, we have neither and to what @TRF said world domination don’t cha know?

    From what I understand in Moslem culture, they have to decide if it is Sunni or Shia over there and they will kill each other over that, maybe IF we left them to rot on their own, while defending Israel.

    HERE, in the US, is what is the problem LIES. They themselves call it Taqiya.

    Lots to learn people and I HIGHLY suggest we all do.

    A good MAGA journo would ask her, in the halls of InConress, about these terms about her ‘religion’, its a dam political system and theocracy.

    Who eff prays on command?? AT a certain time no less???

  21. Heh! I still say she’d look pretty good in a zoo with a chain around her neck welded to a massive statue of a pig.

    I’d have one of those candy machines you put 25 cents into — but instead of candy it would burp out rancid bacon you could pelt her with.


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