Illinois: Democrat State Rep. gets bombed by pigeons

BPR: Democratic state Rep. Jaime Andrade, was being interviewed at a Chicago Transit Authority stop about pigeon droppings being a chronic problem when — you guessed it — a pigeon expressed its thoughts about the meddling politician. watch

9 Comments on Illinois: Democrat State Rep. gets bombed by pigeons

  1. The Lord works in mysterious ways; I have many times wished I could crap on each and everyone of those Pieces Of Shit.

  2. Dumphux should be grateful. Feed shit birds around the clock. They’re guaranteed to keep insane vagrants shuffling along to a more hospitable environment. Whiners have to decide whether they want step in bird shit or step around drugged out homos, drunks, fugitives, illegals, pedophiles, artists, actors, communists, and other democrats.


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