Illinois Dems Plot To Make Republicans Suffer Redistricting Loss

Greg Heinz On Politics

In the first firm indication of how the state’s congressional alignment is likely to soon change, a map of proposed new U.S. House districts has surfaced in Springfield and is being quietly shopped to key remap players. 
The proposal has not so far been formally endorsed by either state lawmakers who must approve a new map or members of the state’s congressional delegation who would have to run and serve under it. 

But the map was prepared by some Democrats, sources close to the matter report, and could be enacted by that party’s supermajority in the Illinois House and Senate and by Gov. J.B. Pritzker in the new few weeks. 
If nothing else, the proposal strongly suggests the overall direction Democrats are inclined to take. 
Republicans certainly will not like it. More

5 Comments on Illinois Dems Plot To Make Republicans Suffer Redistricting Loss

  1. The courts only rule against gerrymandering when the republicans do it. OK for democrats, since they invented it.

  2. We’re talking Illinois…. No surprise!
    J.B promised no gerrymandering, meaning the plans were already in place

  3. Remove the huge dem advantage because of Cook County and Il would be sane. It’s just like here in WA with the big numbers the Seattle metro(King County) racks up. Like downstate IL, eastern WA gets swamped.

  4. Democrats created the gerrymandered Congressional Districts to maintain control of the state of Illinois right along with the state super majority of state Reps, Senators and the Governor’s office.
    This what socialism/communism looks like, absolute control, insurmountable debt and blatant corruption.
    The mass exodus from Illinois of Businesses and population will continue.


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