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Illinois: Governor Rauner’s Conservative challenger making waves

American Thinker: Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner may be one of the most unpopular governors within his own party in the country. This isn’t surprising. Named the nation’s “Worst Republican Governor” by the National Review, Rauner has betrayed his conservative base more times than can be counted.


“I crisscrossed our state, looked people in the eye, and promised to fight business as usual.” This boast came about a month after Cardinal Blase Cupich accused him of breaking his word and the Chicago Sun-Times put his picture on its front page, below a headline that shouted: “Benedict Rauner.” The governor’s offense was to have signed what may be America’s most radical abortion-funding law after vowing to veto it. The betrayal capped a season of defeats for conservatives, including an income-tax hike, a big bailout of Chicago’s public schools, and turning Illinois into what critics of illegal immigration are calling a “sanctuary state.”

The state went without a budget for two years as Democrats successfully painted his reform program as “radical.” Eventually, Rauner gave in on the budget, on a school funding formula that was a giveaway to Chicago schools, and massive income tax hike.   read more

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  1. “Rauner has betrayed his conservative base more times than can be counted.”
    Kinda like a Northern version of John McCain.

  2. With a GOP Governor the Dems always have an out when the financial and social systems collapse. They point to this milquetoast coward who’s afraid of his own shadow and gives up before the fight starts and blame it on him. The GOP should withhold all funds for his nomination battle and recommend to it’s members to do the same. Then any real conservatives (assuming that this new bright light can pass a vetting) can donate money and time to getting her to defeat Rauner and take the nomination. Then it’s game on and ads like that should be setting the tone of the election for both the Governorship and the House and Senate. People, especially in Illinois and similar states need to be told the truth and the conservatives of all stripes need to get angry, very very angry.

  3. I am an idiot. I bounce between Illinois and California – two of the most dysfunctional states in the United States.

    Between the two states, I actually prefer Illinois because I can deal with corruption, while California seems intent on crippling its economy for no particular reason. Mike Madigan is sending Illinois to fiscal hell in order to line his own pockets, and while this is horrible at least I can understand it. Jerry Brown and the leftist Assembly are apparently doing the same to California just for kicks.

    Illinois is a train wreck which most experts know is heading for bankruptcy. The Democrat answer is the usual one – raise taxes, increase regulation and unionize – and this means that the taxpayer exodus that has occurred in Illinois will at best continue, and probably accelerate. Indiana and Iowa should give Mike Madigan and Karen Lewis medals for all the work they have done encouraging productive citizens to move to those states. The mindset of Illinois Democrats is that the state does not have a spending problem – it has a revenue problem. Yep, and the Democrat answer is to drive taxpayers away.

    So this conservative wants to be governor of Illinois. Maybe in a former life she also wanted to take over for Captain Smith as the Titanic sank beneath the waves. As captain of a sinking ship she may try to do the right thing, but beware of the crew continuing to open up the seacocks below the waterline.

  4. To answer Thirdtwin’s question:

    The only republicans that are allowed to run in Illinois are republicans that have been approved by the democrat party.

  5. He’s got MY vote!

    So what if I’m ALIVE – and I live in another state; they’re USED to THAT kind of voting in Shitcago! 😀

  6. How is that ad racist or transphobic? Short answer? It’s not. But when liberals with normal heads and Zika brains think, this is the pablum that bubbles out

  7. Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. Which GOP guy is it that is racist, as some douchey LSM said last night but didn’t give a name. I didn’t stick around figuring it was just some more ‘RAYCISS” talk. lol

  8. The Illinois Republicans will screw this up.
    They have a Governor running for re-election.
    He is more likely to win than ANY other Illinois candidate.
    But the Republicans will ding him for not being pure enough.
    That puts a Democrat named Pritzker in the governorship.
    – Look up Superior Bank to see how corrupt the Pritzker family is.
    Whoever is elected in 2018 will draw the lines for the Illinois districts.
    It is important that a Republican block the Democrats from a clean sweep.
    But the Illinois Republicans will screw this up.

  9. Thirdtwin: don’t worry, the reality is not the way the media is portraying it. This is taking place in a district that is a guaranteed Democrat win and usually no Republicans at all enter the race because there is no point. So that’s a perfect opportunity for some lunatic to come in and steal some publicity in a race that he knows he can’t possibly win. It has nothing to do with the Republicans, Republican Party, or anyone else with common sense.

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