Illinois mom levels Vandalia county school board meeting – IOTW Report

Illinois mom levels Vandalia county school board meeting

Concerned mother at Vandalia County board meeting reveals the school is slated to receive $5 million in federal funding for enforcing mask and vaccine mandates. WATCH

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  1. There are no faces on the other side, unless masked sheep are considered faces. Wouldn’t you hide if you were as corrupt and evil?

  2. I watched this earlier today and was cheering out loud for this woman.
    She had the proof with her and used it.
    Too bad the propaganda complex will ignore this.
    It could be a great award winning story of corruption being exposed.

  3. Milton Friedman used to say that nothing was so permanent as a temporary government program.

    Being an self-studied student of Milton Freedman… 14 Days to Flatten the Curve my aching ass said I in March of 2020. I am no Oracle and have no crystal ball or Magic 8 Ball, but I did not just fall off the turnip truck yesterday either.

  4. 25. Follow the money. When somebody says, “It’s not the money,” it’s always the money.

    Rush Limbaugh’s Original & Updated 35 ‘Undeniable Truths’

  5. I am sure that the people she was talking to were effecting their best Alfred E, Newman face “what me Worry”!

  6. Love her righteous indignation and smart, straight forward delivery of the way Illinois is grifting billion of dollars by implementing unconstitutional mandates.
    Corporate big tech and media don’t care about the truth, just indoctrinated lies. Marxist thieving school boards may think they’ve gotten away with corrupting and torturing children, but there still have to answer to God who will make evil men accountable – for eternity.

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