Illinois Passes The ERA Amendment, 36 Years Too Late

The Equal Rights Amendment died in 1982, lacking state ratification before the deadline expired. Phyllis Schlafly, among many successfully argued that the ERA amendment was designed to allow activist judges to create law that the legislative process rejected. Four states that had ratified the ERA amendment later rescinded their approval (Idaho, S. Dakota, Tennessee and Kentucky). The supreme court has left it up to congress whether to allow states to back out of an amendment they had approved earlier.

Despite missing the deadline by decades, Nevada passed the amendment last year, followed yesterday by Illinois. That leaves them one state short of the 38 needed, assuming congress won’t allow individual states to rescind their approval. More

The left hasn’t given up on the ERA though, the amendment keeps getting reintroduced to congress at the beginning of every session (Ted Kennedy kept it up until his death) and there continues to be efforts by congressional democrats to lift the deadline, which would give them an indefinite date to finally get that last state to approve the amendment.

8 Comments on Illinois Passes The ERA Amendment, 36 Years Too Late

  1. If they have the bandwidth available for this nonsense Illinois just doesn’t care about black lives being snuffed out in Chicago do they?

  2. Woman privilege written into law. I thouhgt they wanted equality under the law, not privilege — affirmative action is non-white privilege. What if I identify as a Black woman do I qualify? Can’t have it both ways libtards!

  3. We ratified the 19th Amendment and everything went to hell in a hand basket.

  4. @Anonymous May 31, 2018 at 4:35 pm

    > We have to stop them by any means necessary.

    That’s what they always say.

    A simple solution, we could… Oh no! We can’t do that!

    Alright. We’ll change… No-oh! Nothing like that!

    I see. Then we can… NO! Nothing like that, either!

    So. What can’t we do? Anything different.


  5. Be careful everybody, there is something wrong with this. Everytime the left tells me that something is good for me, I know I will loose more of my constitutional rights and suffer for it.


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