Illinois regulator warns half-million mail-in votes could delay election results by up to 2 weeks – IOTW Report

Illinois regulator warns half-million mail-in votes could delay election results by up to 2 weeks


With the bulk coming from Cook County and Chicago, more than 463,000 vote-by-mail ballots could be in the mix for Illinois’ Nov. 8 election, delaying election outcomes by up to two weeks.

Along with early voting beginning Thursday in Illinois, local elections officials are sending out requested vote-by-mail ballots. Illinois State Board of Elections spokesman Matt Dietrich said those mail-in ballots will take up to two weeks to count after the polls close Nov. 8.

“It really depends on how many vote-by-mail ballots are still out on election night,” Dietrich told The Center Square. “We do want to be clear to people that this is normal.”

State elections board data shows that in 2018, about 9% of total votes cast, or around 427,500, using absentee, or mailed-in ballots. In 2020, when vote-by-mail was expanded for concerns of spreading COVID-19, 33% of total votes cast were mailed in, or around 2 million. For the Nov. 8, 2022, election, the most updated data shows more than 463,000 requested mail-in ballots. more

13 Comments on Illinois regulator warns half-million mail-in votes could delay election results by up to 2 weeks

  1. It will take that long to come up with enough fraudulent ballots to show that Democrats won.

  2. How many mailed to senior centers and cemeteries?

  3. I wonder, if a Chicago thug votes early by mail-in, then gets gunned down prior to election day, does he get to vote again in the same election like all the other previously dead Chicagoans do?


  4. Uhhh, it’s Illinois. House seats are +20 Democrat in polls, only possible close race is IL-17 that includes Rockford and Peoria democrats, so while it’s close by numbers (D+3), consider it deadlocked for the commies. Darren Bailey for Governor doesn’t have a chance against Jabba the Hutt. I guess local elections mean something, but screw it, all counties around chicago (crook county) have already turned deep blue. Hell, this little town I moved to 22 years ago was conservative in a conservative county and now we’ve got a hardcore punchable face commie mayor running the place with at least 2x the people in a deep blue commie county. There’s no more hope, just pack up and move.

    Side Note: There’s a publication from Illinois Policy that’s been spammed to mailboxes the past couple months documenting Illinois corruption and reckless spending. It spits hardcore truths about all the bullshit going down in this shithole state. Including the transgender fiasco with Jabba The Hutt who funds actual scientific research with millions of his own dollars that ‘proves’ biology is false and there’s no difference between man and woman. Well, today I received TWO giant-size postcards from Illinois Commies saying to disregard the entire publication as disinformation, the whole thing is false. Funny that, cause I can research everything in the publication and find truth to it all, right in IL’s commie budget and Jabba’s scientific research. This little 8 page publication has been the only defense against the commies and while I’d like to think it has an impact, I really doubt it.

    In other words, there’s not going to be much counting so it really doesn’t matter. I got 2 words for the commies: Election DAY.

    I hold hope voters somehow grow a brain. But I’m just kidding myself.

    Good lord, why am I still here?

  5. gee, what a surprise. Guess we can tell who will win in those elections.

  6. My sister lives in IL and wasn’t aware that MonkeyPox is a fag disease.

    Must be something in the water – cuz she ain’t stupid by any stretch of the imagination – and she ain’t a “lefty.”

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Ironically Frank Nitti and Al Capone voted early….

  8. An open declaration of fraud.

    And no one will do a damned thing about it.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  9. Do not release any vote counts….
    until you quit accepting ballots/votes.

    Why would you give the demonrats….
    a number to beat….????

  10. Got our “Permanent Vote by mail Applications” a couple of weeks ago. Five of them for a household of two. Is it possible that there could be similar mistakes with other households (like in Crook County)?

    Jabba and Mayor Beetlejuice are just the best! For what I have no idea.

  11. Democrats ONLY win by CHEATING.
    Here in ILLinois Democrats have been doing it FOREVER!

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