I’m a 5 3 D

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  1. Not sure what’s up with the food pics, but, I’ve always been partial to the numbers set: 36-24-36. 32D?

    Yeah, I know, I know. I’m simple…and nostalgic…don’t hate.


  2. I had a girlfriend in college who was always grabbing food off my plate, wouldn’t touch my steaks or rib roast though. Just knock the horns off and wipe it’s ass before ya’ put it on the plate.

  3. 3-3 and wheres the tea??? If I had to complete the equation, based on COLOR alone? 3=3=C.

    Burnt toast will always be eaten, well at least 5…with butter…

    Tea drinkers we ride tonight! Who the hell had a ‘Coffee Party’ in 1773?

  4. Fur – “…44D? They must look enormous on your small frame…”

    Get your mind out of the gutter and into the kitchen! LOL!

  5. @ghost ~ “Who the hell had a ‘Coffee Party’ in 1773?”

    … the people that dumped the damned tea!!!

  6. No bread Claudia? No sammiches? No BLT’s? No eggs on toast?

    I suppose we should all quit wheat – and be like Karasioux. I’ve tried and it doesn’t last. I blame my Mom’s ‘bread gene.’ 🙂

  7. I once dated a girl that I thought had 44D’s so I asked her…she said she had 9 and 7/8ths….so I asked how she measured them and she said Stetson….

    h/t Jerry Jeff Walker

  8. @ JDHasty

    Take the horns off and wipe its ass!!!!!!

    Never “herd” that one, I’m crying its so funny.

  9. (Shhh. I’m gonna start this rumble.)

    Who in the hell wastes a perfectly good cut of beef by cooking all the flavor out it?! Eat a veggie burger.

    This is the one character trait I cannot forgive POTUS Trump. He, of all people, should never order a steak. Stick to fish sticks if you’re gonna cremate the damn thing! And then ketchup! Oh, the beefanity!

  10. Jimmy — Heavens yes! A good hot sear, crisp up the fat, and plate it up!

    Best way, bar none, super hot cast iron skillet. I’ve cooked steak by every known method and this is the best.

    No cast iron? General Eisenhower’s favorite method was to place the raw steak directly on the white-hot wood coals of the campfire. Don’t need to oil it; just season it up. Nothing sticks to it; no ash, no embers. I’ve done this to feed a crowd steaks. Works perfectly.

  11. No one picked 6? Might be a racist site. 6 being the color of the buildings the morning after the riots, and stuff.
    33D for me.

  12. Yeah, for heavy protein dinners, I’m a card-carrying member of the local, 4:00 p.m., seniors-only smorgasbord. Digestive tract closes for the night after 7:00 p.m.

  13. Well, Geoff C. and I are down to one meal a day and if we’re busy with our work, we don’t eat until after 8p and often much later. If it’s the right food — low carb — we don’t need more and our digestion is fine. Trouble is, it hasn’t been low carb lately and that’s where the indigestion comes in.

    So, I’m off to bed to dream of campfire steaks.

  14. 13A

    1 – With a bandaid and antibiotic cream I’ll SAVE that steer!

    3 – Toast has to have a little bit of color or it won’t easily take enough butter.

    A – I like coffee. Why should I adulterate it?

  15. There’s a Scout high adventure base near here that invites me to their annual “Moose Feed”.
    Not really moosemeat, but the do the hot coals trick.
    As an added bonus, they rinse any ash off in a big pot of butter.

    BTW. It breaks my heart to see what liberal scumbags have done to the Boy Scouts.
    That alone should qualify each and every liberal for involuntary sterilization.


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