I’m a Barista


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  1. Looks like someone ejaculated into a coffee cup.

    Why would someone ejaculate into a coffee cup?

    That’s not right.

  2. BFH

    You should photoshop that center image into a toilet instead of a coffee cup. Then it would look exactly like the post holiday steamer I made yesterday.

  3. I’d see shit like that when I was trippin on LSD and speedballs. Then one day Jerry Wright says “I got the perfect beard for ya, Bozo … uhhh … I mean Barry …” and it’s like … “DAMN!” … the Evil Phantasm’s Real!

  4. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! I shoulda known better than to look at this thread – I’m laughing so hard, I got tears running down my cheeks, really.

    Thanks, Jack & Chief.

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